B-Team Biden: Geopolitical Malpractice

Today is the 43rd anniversary of the Tehran hostage crisis – a date I can never forget, since it’s also my birthday.

What better day to examine B-Team Biden’s relationship to the mullahs of Tehran?

After three weeks of silence as Iran erupts into nationwide protests, Biden has finally said he now supports the “women” of Iran. “Don’t worry, we’re gonna free Iran,” Biden boasted on Thursday during an apocalyptic campaign rally in San Diego more focused on wiping out his political opponents in America than on anybody’s freedom.

What he actually meant by that statement is anybody’s guess, because Biden has done ZERO to help the pro-freedom movement in Iran.

Since taking office on January 20, 2021, Biden and his B-Team of deep state imbeciles have twisted themselves into pretzels to cajole the Mullahs into a new nuclear deal, even offering at one point to remove the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps and its leaders from the State Department terrorist list (a bridge too far even for Congressional Democrats and quickly walked back).

They waived Trump-era sanctions on the Iranian oil sector in July 2021, allowing the regime to profit from higher oil prices brought about by Team Biden’s war on fossil fuels.

Contrast this love affair with a murderous Iranian regime — and apparent disdain for the wishes and aspirations of the Iranian people — with B-Team Biden’s war on Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, MBS.

They have now succeeded in driving the Saudis into the arms of Russia and Communist China, a consequence so avoidable to be simply idiotic.

Scratch your head all you wish: you will not find a rational explanation for such a policy because there is none. I call it geopolitical malpractice.

I examine these themes in more detail in a new column up at Frontpage mag.

During my weekly appearance on Prophecy Today (which will air exceptionally during the show’s second segment starting at around 1:18 PM on Saturday), I talk about Iran’s efforts to swap drones and rockets for Russian nuclear technology, Russia’s justification for using nuclear weapons in Ukraine, the Israeli elections (and the unsurprising efforts by the Woke Media in the US to undermine past and future Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu), as well as developments in China and North Korea.

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Don’t forget to vote and to encourage your family and friends to vote by Tuesday! I’ll have much to say about the elections, and what a new Republican majority needs to do on Washington, next week.

In the meantime, God bless.

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