China Unleashes New Mutant COVID Strain

Make no mistake, this is 21st century warfare.

I don’t believe anything coming out of China but I do believe they are setting us up for another bio-weapon attack. If we had leadership that actually loved and cared about this country, we would not cower and mask and hide. We would live our lives and use the defense production act to return all of our supply chains to our shores. Instead, they punish Americans while sucking up to China.

They don’t care ow many of their own they kill, it’s all in the cause of China’s world domination.

Fears heighten about a new mutant COVID strain as cases skyrocket in China

By Isabel Keane, NY Post, December 29, 2022:

Chinese health authorities are racing to catch new mutant COVID strains, as more than a third of Omicron variants detected in the crushing wave of infections slamming the country have resulted in larger outbreaks.

Over the past three months, China has detected over 130 sublineages of Omicron, including BF.7, a variant incredibly adept at evading immunity and believed to be behind the current surge in infections.

Xu Wenbo, head of the National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention, said last week that China plans to track the virus centers around three city hospitals in each province. There, samples will be taken from sick walk-in patients as well as from patients who die.

Wenbo confirmed that 50 of the 130 Omicron versions found in China had resulted in outbreaks.

He said the country is working to create a national genetic database so it can monitor how each strain evolves and study each mutation’s possible impacts on public health.

Every new infection creates a new chance for the virus to mutate. With COVID spreading rapidly in China, as many as 248 million people — nearly 18% of China’s population — came down with the virus in the first 20 days of December.

The country of 1.4 billion has done a complete reversal of its “zero COVID” policy earlier this month. The abrupt policy shift has caused China’s largest outbreak of COVID infections since the start of the pandemic and left hospitals swamped, turning away ambulances and unable to care for some critical patients.



China Makes Move That Could Infect the Whole World Again

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