Special Edition: Arizona Senate Elections Committee

This is a Special Edition of ARIZONA TODAY covering the Arizona State Senate Committee on Elections.

The Senate Committee held this public hearing on Monday, February 13th, 2023 at the State Capitol in Phoenix, Arizona. The focus and testimony you will hear from the lead expert witness is startling! You will hear his testimony in full, and it will confirm that election machines should be immediately discarded, thrown away, and we return to a more safe, more reliable fashion of voting…just like we use to participate in across our nation.

DO NOT allow a minor technical glitch at the start of testimony to upset you. You will hear the full testimony of Mr. Clinton Curtis, subject-matter specialist dealing with computer programming. Mr. Curtis’s credential are impeccable as you will also learn. “Are there programs that can be used to fix elections? Yes!” Mr. Curtis’ answer was brief and straight forward.

Arizona legislators, especially State Senator Sonny Borrelli and State Senator Wendy Rogers have steadily fought the good fight to expose the calamity which was the 2020 election and the 2022 election. Additional Arizona State Legislators have come forward to get the attention of naysayers, but also every elected official, from Governor through local mayors across Arizona as to the mounting evidence demonstrating a fraudulent election system needs to be destroyed immediately! In the same breath, ARIZONA TODAY for the past two years has released nationally subject-matters specialists with whom I have enjoyed unscripted conversations during the show revealing the multiple dimensional fraud and other forms of corruption that was part of the past two elections.

THANK YOU Senator Borrelli and Rogers, thank you Arizona Legislators who have chosen to do what is right, rather than what is politically expedient.

Citizens across Arizona and our nation…Arizona has been at the tip of the sword these past two years attempting to expose the many facets of fraud and compromise that did not allow for safe, fair and integrous elections. The Senate Hearing you are about to view will show that we do have public officials who have been fighting for We The People; while others have been fighting for their next higher office.

©Lyle J. Rapacki, Ph.D. All rights reserved.

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