Lululemon Fires Two Employees FOR CALLING POLICE While Store Is Ransacked By Masked Thieves

What fresh hell is this? Why work? Why produce? Why obey any laws?

These corporations are going to be the death of us. This is how they thank us for their success. The normal people better get organized. We didn’t come this far in human history to hurl ourselves back to subsist in savage, uncivilized mayhem.

Watch this:

Lululemon fired two employees that confronted masked robbers

By Katherine Donlevy, NY Post, May 27, 2023:

Two Georgia women — including an assistant manager — are blasting Lululemon for sacking them from their jobs after they called the police while three masked men pillaged the store.

Shocking video shows the brazen thieves burst into the Peachtree Corners store in metro Atlanta earlier this month to grab as many fistfuls of athletic clothing as possible.

“No, no, no, you can march back out,” former assistant manager Jennifer Ferguson can be heard saying.

The looters — who had allegedly struck the store nearly a dozen times prior — momentarily stood in the store doorway and stared at the women before jumping back inside to snatch several more pairs of leggings.

“Seriously? Get out,” the frustrated retail worker says to the men.

“Chill, b–tch, shut your ass up,” one of the thieves can be heard responding.

The women follow the group outside and watch as they pile into their getaway car, but notably do not try to physically stop the thieves — which has caused workers to lose their jobs or face charges in the past.

Instead, they reported the robbery to the Gwinnett Police Department, who later tracked down the thieves and charged them with felony robbery charges.

The move, however, cost them their jobs, they claim.

“We are not supposed to get in the way. You kind of clear path for whatever they’re going to do,” Ferguson told 11Alive.

“And then, after it’s over, you scan a QR code. And that’s that. We’ve been told not to put it in any notes, because that might scare other people. We’re not supposed to call the police, not really supposed to talk about it.”

Ferguson and five-year team member Rachel Rogers — who captured the robbery on camera — said they were openly questioned by a regional manager on their decision to call the police before they were fired from the store.

Ferguson’s husband, Jason, took to Facebook to commend the women and slam Lululemon for punishing their brave

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