Putin and his KGB’s Mafia/Army—A Global Evil Doer

The American people are very kind and generous and their wonderful human qualities have been abused for a hundred years. If the name of the agency in the title is not known to you, I understand why. It is the name of the Soviet/Russian counterintelligence agency I have been writing about for forty years. My preceding column has been deliberately titled The Democrat Party: A Party of Disinformation and Fraud. The column is inextricably tied to this one, because we are dealing with the cause and effect. Do you remember how forty years ago the Democrats were soft on the Soviets? It was the beginning of a toxic phenomenon called today “Disinformation,” Russian “Disinformation.” This is the reason I started informing you about the agency named the KGB. As a former Soviet defense attorney, I know the KGB pretty well and want you to know it, too.

Unfortunately, America missed the chunk of Russian history of the 20th century, the era of the Joseph Stalin Dictatorship, the time the KGB had been fostered. A leader of the Russian Socialist Revolution 1917, Vladimir Lenin had been assassinated and died soon after it. Joseph Stalin has become an ultimate ruler of the Russian Empire spread eleven time zones. He had begun building his system of Soviet Socialism that people of Russia called Stalinism. Stalinism is the ideological composition, a model of Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet Fascism. It is a system of political control, abuse, and corruption consisting of two parts: Socialist economy for means of production in conjunction with the apparatus of punitive agencies. Without the punitive apparatus the Soviet System couldn’t exist. For full control and power, Stalin weaponized and politicized the court system and Law Enforcements as well…

A hundred years ago, to hide the Truth, Stalin introduced his Political Correctness, brainwashing three generations. Read my several columns under this title. Stalin’s devoted disciple Vladimir Putin, having already Socialist modus operandi, has changed the term Political Correctness in the 21st century. The main methods of the system to hide the Truth had become “Disinformation” and Socialist modus operandi, yet, invented and perpetrated by Stalin; both methods continued to be aiming at hiding the truth. “Disinformation” is a direct word doing that, Socialist modus operandi: lies, deceit, fabrication, and fraud are the actions to achieve that. Stalinist ideological system established roots of the cause for all detrimental problems in any society that attempts building Soviet Socialism.

History shows that the leadership of any political movement plays a crucial role in shaping the outcome of a revolt–Stalin is the prime example of that concept. Any revolt was used by adventurers, charlatans, and criminals to acquire power, to fool, mislead, manipulate, and then to abuse, corrupt, exploit people around the globe. The leader who had all the negative human characteristics mentioned above was Joseph Stalin of Russia.

Ironically, despite not meeting the requirements of Marx’s four postulates, the first Socialist Revolution took power in 1917 Russia. And despite failing to meet Marxist requirements, and on the contrary by perverting all of them while at the same time using Marxist rhetoric of Socialism and Communism to further his ends. In fact, Stalin has established a criminal syndicate, a totalitarian terror-machine called Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet Fascism…

For the century the aggressive and expansionist ideology was corrupting, abusing, and defrauding people of the world, for at least three generations and continues going in the 21st century… Putin’s leadership in Russia will quadruple it, because Vladimir Putin and the KGB are inseparable. It had been the KGB’s ascent for the century. That is the reason, I am deliberately giving you a prelude to Russian history: Stalinism is alive and well in Russia and America today… As I pen this column, there is another terrifying voice warning you:

Franklin Graham sounded the alarm on this bone-chilling scheme against Americans. Renewed Right.com May 29, 2023.

Reverend Franklin Graham is worried about the state of the country: “I believe there’s a coming storm that we’re all going to [have to] be ready for,” Graham said. “It’s not going to be good. The world is deteriorating so quickly. It seems like every demon in Hell has been turned loose.”  And he added:

“We’re living in a canceled culture, and [big corporations] want to destroy Christian organizations,” Graham explained. “They want us to shut our mouths. They don’t want to hear from us.” Franklin Graham is right. However, it is more than big corporations, the entire ideology of Soviet Socialism, implemented by the Democrat Party, allowed the weekend and undermined the entire infrastructure of America in the 20th century when the soft attitude to the Soviets had brought masses of bad actors to America. Knowing Soviet Socialism, I recognized it and wrote that the cancel culture or the Woke are not mysterious phenomena, both are aimed at the Sovietization of America. I noticed it in my book The Russian Factor: From Cold War to Global Terrorism, XLIBRIS, 2006. I knew then–The KGB would target America…

It did, and now, forty years later, it has become the KGB’s Mafia/Army. You can read in details about its long bloody way to become a Global Evil Doer and reach the U.S. Today, you are witnessing a desire of Biden’s White House to implement Soviet Socialism, to spend as much our money as possible to bankrupt American capitalism. The KGB is doing its “job”. I can give you the facts confirming it. “Climate activist group slashing SUV tires to be active in 18 countries, including U.S.” OAN’s Brooke Mallory June, 2023. Living in the Soviet Russia, I had slashed tires dozen times: arsons and robberies are another two typical crimes of Soviet Socialism. There is more explanation you can read:

“A far-left international organization has expanded its operations to 18 nations while encouraging a crowd of climate activists to puncture sport utility vehicles (SUVs) in an effort to “fight global warming.” The U.K.-based organization known as the Tire Extinguishers has taken credit for tire- deflation operations in a number of American cities, including Boston, New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco, as well as cities in England. Canada, France, Spain, Germany, and Italy among others.”

This one quotation, its choice of the words, repeating mine, and the list of targeted countries has validated all books and columns written by me: climate activists, 18 nations, encouraging crowds, “fight global warming.” The last one is an old KGB’s narrative-propaganda trick of 1980, described in my first book Baltic Winds: Testimony of a Soviet Attorney, XLIBRIS, 2002. What international organization is the quotation talking about? Only knowledge of Russia, its Intel, and Security Apparatus can answer.

The current task of “Disinformation” was to destroy Law and Order and make America a country of lawlessness. The Democrat Party did it with the help of Putin. The chaos in the world started and answering the above question can only my books and columns by the saga over forty bloody years. From Marxism, which I studied for four years at the Law School to Stalinism, I have lived under for fifty years. From the ideology of Soviet Socialism, which I called Soviet Fascism to the KGB’s fraud-production of Trump/Dossier. From the American Manchurian Presidents to the infiltrated FBI and CIA. From the Soviet/Russian KGB’s Mafia/Army–a Global Evil Doer to coup against the Republican Party, Trump presidency and the political system of American republic, left to us by our Founding Fathers. Read my latest book: What is Happening to America? The Hidden Truth of Global Destruction Part III www.yuoronlinepublicist.com 2022

The current FBI’s Drama has a long and tragic past—the Soviet/Russian past. Without knowledge of that past, directly addressed in my books and columns, the Congress won’t be able to solve the Drama. I have already introduced you to several Russian terms: the Soviet Mafia, Socialist modus operandi, and Soviet fraud. Watch Biden’s government and you will find all three, which are exercised by the Dems White House. I also warned you about Putin’s design of the Afghanistan surrender in August 2021. His victory in Afghanistan over the White House opened the door to the aggressive war against Ukraine. Today, two years later, we have more evidence that Putin’s KGB Mafia/Army—a Global Evil Doer is running America. Yes, to protect American interests, a Global Evil Doer should be known, as it represents the Russian/Chinese inseparable Intel Apparatus of the Socialist/Communist enemies.

Look at the American republic and the drastic cultural changes occurred in our country: Target plans to remove mountain Rushmore!!! Can you believe it?? Our educational system failed the American children. Parents don’t realize the Soviet levels of indoctrination their children are receiving.” Elon Musk. He is right. Do you know that Joe Biden and the Russian Cartels in Mexico are colluding on the Southern border as a hand and a glove aiming at bringing millions of illegal migrants to America? They have been pretty successful—6-7 million of the illegals were dissolved on the American soil. Joe Biden has been colluding with Putin in Burisma since 2013. There are no Mexican Cartels, the Dems and social media deceived and misled you. Comrade Stalin established those Cartels in 1950-1960s in Mexico: the MS—13 and other gangs have been the bases of all Cartels under the supervision of the KGB’s Mafia/Army—a Global Evil Doer since.

America is rapidly declining under the Putin/Biden conspiracy. Alas, the Republicans are trapped in the vicious circle of “Disinformation.” They have hibernated for thirty years and allowed the Dems to altered American Capitalism to Soviet Socialism. I have the impression that I was transformed back to Russian Soviet Socialism in America. Have you heard House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries calling Republicans the “extremists?” He is copying the behaviors of hateful, nasty and heartless Soviet Bureaucrats by using Stalin’s legacy: “Never admit crime committed, instead accuse your opponent of that exact crime.”   House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries is doing just that, while actually the Dems sponsored the real extremists: “Squad,” Antifa, BLM, and other criminal groups, trained by the Russian Intel…

Judge the Dems by their actions as well. They were using a method of harvesting ballots in the 2020 and 2022 elections. If you want to know where they learned the dirty trick, I can tell you—they have been educated by Putin’s elections. Read my column: Russian/Chinese Intel: Carousel and COVID-19 in America December 21, 2020.

When I am writing those words, the TV reports about Biden’s bribery scheme and Trump’s indictment by Federal Court. This is a serious moment of American history. I have to postpone my thought process until the next column. Sorry… But before leaving you, please, remember two quotations, the first is my definition of WWIII: Recruitment and Drugs, Infiltration and Assassinations.

The second one is Joseph Stalin’s prediction of the American future:

“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is Threefold: its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual Life. If you can undermine these three areas, America will Collapse from within.” — Joseph Stalin

My fellow Americans!

We are at the threshold of the 2024 election, which will determine America’s future. If you love this country, defend it. We are in the midst of the Socialist Revolution in America. Learn the role of the KGB’s Mafia/Army in that Revolution. Educating yourselves you will save America!

Freedom’s torch is yours!

To be continued at www.simonapipko.com and www.drricswier.com/author/spipko/

©2023. Simona Pipko. All rights reserved.

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