Sexualization of Children and Dialectics: Media, Leftist Activists Group in Collusion at Many Levels

A very important event took place in Ottawa yesterday [June 13, 2023]. One which has implications for school board workers and teachers that should be of some concern. What makes it so important isn’t just what took place, but who did not show up for it and the likely reason why not. The absence of these groups indicates collusion between the organized left, and broadcast media as a greater conspiracy to dialectically destroy classical Canada and the values of those Canadians, and to do so with a consistent set of Maoist narrative attacks. Yes, that will be explained.

Let’s start with the event. Something like three to five hundred Muslims went to the OCDSB to protest the entirety of the sexual indoctrination of children at Ottawa schools. And to be a little clearer, I think it is safe to estimate that the Islamic objections to SOGI [Sexual Orientation Gender Identity] is with with a broader brush than the protest on Friday, which was by a very diverse group of people. Led by Josh Alexander and Billboard Chris, The videos of which can be seen here, more focussed on the most destructive aspects of it.

But this event Tuesday at the Ottawa Carleton District School Board appears to have been organized through the mosques, and the participants would be 85% Muslim at a guess. The protest Friday, was against sexualizing children and especially getting them on dangerous drugs and talking them into dangerous surgical procedures in the name of Trans-rights, which would make them monsters of a sort for life. Neither male or female and certainly not natural in any sense. Sterile, and in a very high category for suicide, with complications from these procedures which can be unimaginable, and likely few would do it if they were properly informed.

The Friday protest was met with a very well organized leftist counter-protest and lots and lots of broadcast media. And while the initial protest would have just been a walk up and down Broadview and maybe a few speeches to the converted, the counter-protest was positively illegal. They blockaded the entire road at multiple points. More to the point, each time a protestor tried to engage the leftists, who sported PSAC, (Canadian government Union flags), and other communist symbols and initiate language for communism, such as hats that read: “Veteran of the Class War”, at yesterday’s Islamic protest right at the HQ of the Ottawa Carleton District School Board, no MSM TV crews were visible, and no leftist counter demonstration except for one woman who had a sign claiming to be Muslim and a friend of LGBTQ. She can be found counter-protesting at every event by non-Leftists in Ottawa pretty much, which somewhat lessens the effect.

To the point: Over the years, many concerned Canadians have had protests over the acceptance of Islamic norms in Canada. The limits of freedom of speech which Islam demands, is extreme. The punishments for violating them often fatal. Many teachers, activists and journalists and satirists have been murdered by Muslims across the West in Islamic continuous efforts to crush any criticism of Islam or its icons. The central dogma that homosexuals should be killed according to Islamic scripture as another easy example. One simply cannot even talk about that without being shut down, despite it being an obvious truth. Iran hangs homosexuals and Saudi Arabia decapitates them with a sword. It’s no secret except from anyone watching MSM. The keeping of sex slaves and slaves in general. And while Islam employs direct violence and force to prevent these opinions from having an effect on people’s views of Islam, or diminishing the authority of Islam in the minds of the public, the leftist-media collusion uses something more akin to a Maoist narrative attack.

The left will insist that any attempt to expose the actual scripture, history and current behaviour of Islam in countries with sharia law, and that is a lot of countries, is Islamophobic. Nazi. Intolerant. Hateful. As a tactic this could be codified in a couple of ways. Alinsky’s rule 13 for example, or DARVO, DARVO certainly comes very close. But this tactic is consistent, and at the very least, tacit collusion between organized leftist groups and the MSM And across the spectrum of pseudo-realities and narratives. If you try to present the truth about climate-science publicly at best you will be ignored, but if someone sees it, you will be demonized as a climate denier. It needs both a leftist group on the ground and a captured, (read communist) main stream media to work. You have the leftists who make damn sure that the message, (which is usually true) of the initial protest is not heard, and that they are made to look evil, thuggish and intolerant. Then the media will spin the reporting such that the left, which is always the more aggressive group, is actually the victims of the conservatives. The left must be portrayed as defending a vulnerable minority. Those who attempt to pierce the narratives with truth, will be dialectically destroyed with Discourse theory, DARVO, Alinsky 13, lets just call all these variations on Marxist critical theory.

So when a Muslim group actually organized a protest and had Quranic quote signs, full Islamic gear on the women and several men who appeared to be imams, and were very clear about how they felt about the attack on their children in schools via sexual messaging, the left knew they could not counter-protest as the big-lie would be exposed on two fronts, and the media knew they could not attend and have on the record, the Islamic view of sexual messaging in the schools.

Just now the following comment came to the site:

Today CBC kids news, child reporter named Saab Vahedyousef explained on the kids show what the term 2SLGBTQQIPAA stands for.  “Two-Spirit, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Pansexual, Asexual, Allies

So while hundreds of Muslims, whole families protested in person against a much wider spectrum of issues of deviant sexuality from an Islamic perspective, CBC is promoting a Muslim child gleefully explaining what the letters mean in sexual alphabet soup. And this is why they were not there. CBC, like Global and CTV, are not news services or even information services in any way. They are dialectic machines of destruction, working with leftist groups to create and enforce narratives that they all know are untrue, and profoundly damaging to not just our culture, but to all cultures.

I hope CBC et al remembers how it worked out for the communists after the Iranian revolution they caused. Because that is likely the future here.

And down the street a few minutes from the OCDSB HQ, a sign for a Church. One you hardly ever see in front of a mosque.

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