Community Says Public Sex Acts Are Getting Out Of Control

A graphic video has emerged of public sex acts that neighbors who live near the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue and Melnea Cass Boulevard in Boston say are a familiar occurrence.

The intersection, otherwise known as Methadone Mile or Recovery Road, serves as the crossroads of a government program “to transform how the City of Boston cares for its unhoused neighbors that are impacted by substance use disorder and promote health and safety in Mass and Cass’s surrounding communities,” an initiative posted on claims.

Locals told Boston25 News they’re tired of witnessing the illicit activity which they say the Mass and Cass program fosters.

“People are allowed to do things that they normally cannot do in other communities outside of Boston,” Yahaira Lopez, founder of the Roxbury-South End Community Partnership, told Boston25 News.

The community activists say they shared the graphic cellphone footage to show public officials what they are confronted with daily.

“It is happening every day. It is something that’s in our face,” local mother, Janina Rackard, told Boston25. “My life is changed. My child’s childhood is changed.” She added, “Children are being affected. Children are being hurt.”

Lopez, the community activist, has continuously tried to convince officials of the negative impact of their program. “We aim to show pictures and videos of the humanitarian crisis that is happening there, to show elected officials that we can no longer drive by and walk by like this is not real,” she told the Bay State Banner in 2021.

The current video again shows the things that children are “witnessing at a young age driving through that area, this video just shows that we have to do something,” Lopez said.

The city maintains that in January 2022 it “carried out a public health-led emergency response to the encampments in the area including introducing a housing surge and helping over 145 unhoused neighbors transition into low threshold housing.”

Still, local mothers like Janina Rackard don’t appear convinced the program is working. “Where do we go from here and when does it get fixed?” she asked.





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