Say NO to Males competing as Females!

As an educator, I find no surprise whatsoever in the tragic results we are witnessing in American childhood and teenage dysfunctions and deaths, as our youths are taught to be ashamed of their own natural bodies to the extent that they are coerced into maiming themselves to escape from their birth identities.

To teach a child that his/her birth identity is wrong and something to be ashamed of reaps lifelong repercussions. When we respect children, we honor their birth identities; however, today’s America dishonors birth identities and promotes shame, fear, anxiety, and extreme cognitive dissonance in our youths.

Why is it that the exact same people who revere the natural world of the environment reject the natural birth identity of a child? Why is it that the exact same people who proclaim that the Black birth identity is beautiful disclaim a child’s sexual birth identity? Indeed, both are beautiful and natural.

Hey Guys: Pick On Someone Of Your Own Sex


Whatever happened to fair play in America? Whatever happened to rooting for the underdog? Whatever happened to women’s lib and giving women a chance to succeed?

For years the Democrat party called for treating women fairly and investing an equal amount of money in women’s sports as was invested in men’s sports.

Today, however, we are watching the Democrat party cheering for men who compete in women’s sporting events. Talk about a complete reversal. Ten years ago it would have been difficult to imagine a man competing in a women’s competition. Today, it is commonplace.

Talk about cheering for the bully. The Democrats are so tied into gender ideology that they refuse to accept the reality of science. Allowing men to compete in a women’s sporting event just because he has taken a few pills is the equivalent of allowing a Duke University basketball player to compete in a middle-school basketball game. (As leftist as Duke is, this is not hard to imagine)

While some may empathize with men who wish to become women, wishing and reality are not the same. There is a difference in the makeup of the two sexes. (I am not referring to the garish makeup the girls with a penis enjoy wearing)

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