PODCAST: 6/21/2023 The Date that Greta Thunberg Predicted would be the ‘End of the World’

Well folks this is it. 6/21/2023 was the day that Greta Thunberg told the world that unless we give up carbon and all of the things that bring us joy and pleasure and become miserable and afraid like her, humans will cease to exist.  Human beings according to Greta, had five years to correct our climate denying sins and give up fossil fuels and cheap energy. But guess what?  We didn’t and we are still here.  Time to call this a hoax, lie or fraud.  Green energy is designed to control humans into a behavior suitable for the desired ideology and redistribute the wealth of the middle class. Time to stop giving corporations who hate you your money.  Boycotts work.  CRT, SEL, ESG, LGBTQ, Climate, are  scams.

But what if the children were taught those lies from K-12. Would they give Greta  some validity? Would they change their life style? Will your children “rat” on you if you don’t?   You will be forced to accept and accommodate man-made climate change which doesn’t exist. Climate changes.  The Earth is constantly rotating on its axis and the position of the Earth in correlation to the sun determines the seasons and depending upon the volatility of the Sun, our climate changes.  The Sun, moon, evaporation, cloud all play a major part. But a poor science education enables people to be scared into believing the government will help stop a hurricane by everyone would just stop cows from farting.  Rather than teaching how to deal with a disaster the government waits till the disaster is over and prolongs assistance allowing chaos to fester. The people scream and then the government comes in for the rescue. The people just lost control of their county.

By confusing pollution with climate, people believe that giving up fossil fuel will save the planet. Sorry Greta we are still here and just like giving up straws, it doesn’t make a difference.   Make sure you tell everyone. They lie and have no right to take away gas autos or anything else. Time to say NO. Show me the science. They don’t have a right to make law.  They need to prove their regulations which are supposed to explain existing law. You can have your car but it will be so expensive due to regulation compliance.  Besides, they want you to rely on transportation they can control.

Regulations to own businesses, houses, cars  will become so cost prohibitive you won’t be able to afford it.  So instead of the government teaching its citizens how to live in certain weather patterns and coming up with programs to make life easier by knowing what to do and to avoid. But in order for the programs of the left to work they have to have a nation in fear.  He who will give up rights and freedoms for safety and security from their government deserve neither. The government is made up of people chosen not because of competence but because of skin color, ethnicity or any other group you can divide. They are incompetent aside from being communist Marxist anti-American evil people. So what can we do about it?

Well right now the focus Nationwide is on education.   We must take advantage of of the crisis.  Start by checking your school’s scores  The scores can be found on the naep.org website that is the nation’s report card and it is quite pathetic. In Florida you will find that 23% of eighth graders are proficient in math and 29 % are proficient in Reading. This is horrible. It’s the curricula stupid.

Get involved. What can you do? Lots.  You know they are going to lie and say that it is because of Covid. Lie.  This was going on before Covid. Yes, because of Covid the scores  got worse. this has been going on since Common Core, the program designed to keep kids 2 years behind.  This year when the schools are adopting textbooks, get involved. Don’ t let them choose international publishers who are creating global citizens with international authors talking about American democracy.

So join me today and learn what the new statutes are and how you can benefit from them, what to look for and the new microschool program the Florida Citizens Alliance created and how you and your child can benefit. Remember: this is always about the money. If you take your child out of public school the school loses money If they lose enough money they will talk to you.  You have the upper hand taking your children your child out of public school is not as hard as you think.  There are so many things that you can do. We have to be able to make sure that our future generation is literate.

America…Great people doing great things. What will you do? Doing nothing is affirmation. Is America worth saving?

Guest: Ryan Kennedy

The program Manager for Educational Policy and Advocacy for Florida Citizens Alliance. His interest in education started in college when he started interning with the Florida Citizens Alliance in 2018 where he worked on many projects, including the 2021 Porn in Schools Report, where FLCA shed light on the dangerous materials in schools.

The Faith, Family, and Freedom initiative is an initiative to try to provide options for families to get out of government schools by homeschool and/or create one room school houses, micro schools, etc.

The Bills we are supporting are the Heartbeat bill, HB 1069 and HB 1223 relating to sexual materials in schools, and the bills to ban transgender treatments for minors.

Guest: Christy Devigili. Founder of Microschool Program

Website:  Goflca.org

Remember: Everything is connected. Nothing is random, Everyone follows the same plan. ALL PLANS ARE BASED ON LIES. Globalists must control opposition. Globalists must take away our voice.

Globalists only care about MONEY, POWER and CONTROL. Don’t give them yours. Boycotts work. Stop using their services and products.  Vote the RINOS out. Vote with your fingers and with your wallet. There is a lot you can do.

©2023. Karen Schoen. All rights reserved.

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