Islamic State Promotes Migration to the West for the Purpose of Waging Jihad

“Whoever emigrates for the sake of Allah will find much refuge and abundance in the earth, and whoever forsakes his home, a refugee for Allah and his messenger, and death overtakes him, his reward is then obligatory upon Allah. Allah is always forgiving, merciful.” (Qur’an 4:100)

ISIS Supporters Provide Security Tips For Planning Travel To Wage Jihad

MEMRI, June 23, 2023 (thanks to The Religion of Peace)

On June 14, 2023, a pro-Islamic State (ISIS) Telegram Channel shared an Arabic-language post promoting hijrah (migration for the purpose of waging jihad) and offering tips for securing the route to the destination. Tips include acquiring a stolen cellphone number and using it with two-step authentication, gradually changing one’s appearance, and contacting a facilitator recommended by reliable people….

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