Bud Light Maker Anheuser-Busch Contractor Shuts Down 2 Bottling Plants

Sales plummet amid boycotts. The left is killing America.

Contractor for Bud Light Maker Anheuser-Busch Shuts Down 2 Bottling Plants

Cites ‘recent weakness in market demand’

By Mimi Nguyen Ly, The Epoch Times, , July 3, 2023Updated: July 3, 2023

A major contractor for Bud Light maker Anheuser-Busch is shutting down two of its glass bottling plants in North Carolina and Louisiana, laying off about 600 employees, amid declining sales of the beer.

The Ardagh Group, headquartered in Luxembourg, is one of the largest glass producers in the world with more than 100 plants in operation.

In a release about the impending closures, obtained by the Lincoln Parish Journal late last month, Ardagh said it will close its Simsboro, Louisiana, and Wilson, North Carolina glass production facilities in mid July. Some reports have pinpointed the date of the closures to July 17.

Around 245 employees will lose their jobs with the closure of the plant in Simsboro, and an estimated 390 employees will lose their jobs at the glass bottling plant in Wilson, according to most reports.

The move to close the two plants is “in response to recent weakness in market demand” and is also pursuant to Ardagh’s “multi-year performance optimization program,” the group said.

Existing customers of the two facilities “will continue to be supplied from alternative locations” in Ardagh’s network, Gina L. Behrman, the Ardagh vice president of marketing, communications, and new product development, said in the release.

Sales Drop Amid Boycotts

Bud Light was America’s best-selling beer for two decades but in the month ending June 3, it was overtaken by Modelo Especial, a Mexican lager. According to Bud Light, however, so far this year it remains the top-selling beer brand in the United States in terms of dollar sales and overall volume.

Sales of Bud Light have been declining since early April, owing to boycotts of the beer after the company sent a commemorative can to Dylan Mulvaney, a biological male who identifies as female, who posted the product on social media on April 1.

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