PODCAST: French Riots — Europe’s BLM

The riots in France are not going away. While President Macron has called on prosecutors to arrest the parents of minors caught in acts of vandalism, so far little has happened. Instead, the French elites are writing their hands and wondering if France is a fundamentally racist country.

Sound familiar? It should. This is a repeat, with red wine and cheese, of the 2020 BLM riots in the U.S.

These rioters are organized, determined, and violent. They break windows in police stations, town halls, public schools, social service buildings, then launch professional fireworks as incendiary rockets, setting them on fire.

Many of the rioters are wearing black-bloc, just like BLM. And many of them are not Muslims, or young. Their goal is to destroy the cohesiveness of French society, just as BLM wanted to destroy America.

This said, France has a Muslim problem. And by now, there is enough video online of independent journalists interviewing French Muslims applauding the rioters to see that there is broad-based support for tearing down French society.

My favorite is a replay of a brief speech by the “Imam of peace,” Mohammad Tawhidi, who warned Europe last year that by importing “garbage” from the Muslim world, they were making their own bed and would lie in it.

Responsible Muslims in the UAE and elsewhere understand that political Islam is like a brushfire: if you let it get out of hand, it will spread with astonishing speed. So they spend huge amounts of time and money to tamp it down. Europe, instead, just looks the other way.

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