Ben & Jerry’s Loses Billions in Stock Value Amid Boycott Calls

Woke Ben & Jerry’s is one of the worst company’s in America. The management is anti-America. They also support the BDS (Boycott the Jews) Movement.

No decent American should support this despicable company. And the ice cream sucks. Stay away.

Unilever stock loses $2.5B amid calls to boycott Ben & Jerry’s over tweet

By New York Post, July 6th, 2023

Ben & Jerry’s parent company has lost roughly $2.5 billion in market cap amid calls to boycott the Vermont-based ice cream maker over a July 4 tweet condemning the US for existing on “stolen Indigenous land.”

Shares of Unilever, the Anglo-Dutch multinational firm, slid as much as 1% at Thursday’s opening bell after closing down .5% the previous day.

The company’s stock price has fallen to roughly $51 after closing at $52.28 during Monday’s shortened trading — and the day before Ben & Jerry’s posted its unpatriotic tweet.

The result has seen its market cap drop to $131 billion from the roughly $133.5 billion on Monday.

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