Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Votes To Officially Promote Child Sex Changes

The push to influence children (5–12 years old) is intensifying and morphing into varied methods to achieve goals the WOKE and LBGQT servants want. Parents be damned! Morality and family unit integrity be damned! The educational setting is no longer concerned preparing students to become critical thinkers; to learn and appreciate the rich history of our exceptional nation, and to become responsible members of society. The educational setting has become a psychological and emotional mine field, dangerously traveled and fraught with immense pressure to adhere to the authoritarians running the system. Once again…parents be dammed. The educational system, teachers and school boards are dictating.

School Boards in each community were “hired” most likely through election by the citizens in the community. For school boards to intentionally and arrogantly ignore the very people who placed them in such positions of responsibility is atrocious, and then some! There are four branches of government in our Republic. Executive, Legislative, Judicial and WE THE PEOPLE. Yes…rarely taught anymore, but WE THE PEOPLE are a significant branch. Of course we elect representatives, but the very name shouts their role – to represent WE THE PEOPLE! It is a contract, and those of us who elected (hired) these representatives have every right to watch closely how they serve and represent us. This includes school boards.

We elected school board members to represent us, to watch over our children, to assume the fiduciary responsibility of providing the children a safe environment to learn, to challenge their minds appropriately with academics not political and psychological mind alterations. To do NO harm historically has been the given on campuses. To nefariously breach the innocence of a child under your care is abhorrent! Be gone school board members, each of you who knowingly has violated the trust placed on your shoulders. And to encourage the radical socialist teachers union to promote child sex change, amoral behaviors and beliefs, psychological concepts far above the ability of children to grasp, or need to, is all the more reason you need to be gone, and even criminally charged with child abuse – at least a civil action filed against you individually.

Moms…Dads…STAND UP! The emotional and psychological well-being of your child is being assaulted in very sophisticated ways and through multiple methods. STAND UP…run into this battle. Don’t worry about who will be running with you, begin yourself, now! Others will come along. Assertively go after teachers, administrators, school board members who intentionally are altering your child’s morals and mores and the integrity of the family unit.

Nation’s Largest Teachers Union Votes To Officially Promote Child Sex Changes

The nation’s largest teachers union approved a new measure this week that calls for the group and its members to promote sex-change procedures for LGBTQ youth, according to Education Week, a news organization that focuses predominantly on K-12 schools.

At their annual representative assembly meeting July 3-6, the National Education Association (NEA) passed a new business item that will spend $580,000 to address “the prevalence of discrimination and violence targeted” at LGBTQ students and educators, according to Education Week. The measure, which will be in place for one year, will update the NEA’s bargaining guidance around LGBTQ issues, such as access to sex-changing procedures for school employees.

“We know that in ‘24, the next presidential election, [the attacks on LGBTQ+ communities are] only going to get worse,” Scott Miller, head of the NEA’s LGBTQ Caucus, told the outlet. “This helps give NEA a roadmap on how we maneuver through those attacks and how we’re coordinated and making sure we’re one voice rather than fragmented or not on the same page.”

The new business item requires the union to promote and facilitate access to sex-changing procedures for LGBTQ youth and address homelessness among the community, Education Week reported. In accordance with the measure, the NEA will create grant opportunities for professional development courses regarding preferred pronouns, “LGBTQ-inclusive” policies and how to support gender-transitioning students.

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