Watch to Understand How Establishment Republicans Are Preparing To Steal President Trump’s GOP Nomination

As you know, President Donald J. Trump is currently 30 points ahead in polls for the GOP presidential nomination, with Governor DeSantis in a distant 2nd place.

Highly recommend you watch this 13 minute video of an interview by Steve Bannon on his Real America’s Voice War Room with Investigative Reporter Laura Loomer.

Following are a few notes I took when watching this video:

It is about the dirty tricks attempts of establishment Republicans led by California Republican Party Chair Jessica Patterson and others with the largest numbers of Delegate allocations in the 2024 GOP primary to Steal the nomination form Donald Trump. Apparently, Trump’s team were unaware of this process until Loomer outed it.

The ploy is to change the rules from Winner Takes All e.g. the nominee with most delegate votes gets all votes to allocate delegates to the 2nd place candidate (probably Ron DeSantis).

In California’s case with 109 Delegates, the new rule would allocate 55 Delegates to the 2nd Place candidate.

This is exactly what never Trumpers want and goes back to attempts to deny Trump the 2016 nomination made by Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Thomas Mathis and others pressing to change the rules on delegate count which ended up with a delegate fight which Trump won.

Ken Cuccinelli, who organized a super PAC for DeSantis, along with other RPOF big wigs are also allegedly involved in this Rules Change are attempting to steal the nomination from Presidente Donald J. Trump and give it to DeSantis. If true then one can’t help but think DeSantis is fully aware of this.

Watch how the elites of the GOP who tend to use Process and Donors/Donations in their nomination apparatus rather than real world happenings like the content of agenda and policies espoused by candidates, the turnout for candidates at rallies, etc.

Loomer also warns that House Speaker McCarthy is also involved in this ploy as illustrated by his recent statement of concern that disapproval of the recent bad spending package he caved in to Biden on (Fiscal IR-Responsible Act) could cause a “civil war” amongst Republicans (meaning moderate, establishment RINOs).

Watch to see what the House Freedom Caucus does related to this warning by Loomer of GOP attempts to steal the nomination for POTUS.

Watch what happens with the California GOP votes on the Rules for Delegates on July 29, 2023.

Will the GOP establishment steal the election nomination thru process, technicalities and political tricks?

Will the GOP once again be its own worse enemy and facilitate a Marxist Democrat win in 2024 as it did in 2020?

These are the questions.

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