Sacking the ESG End Run Attempt

Limited government is essential to American freedom.

We are protected by a fundamental system of constitutional checks and balances.

When giant financial corporations try to use their power to force Woke-Left ideology such as ESG, or “Environmental, Social, Governance,” on the rest of us, it is an attempt at an end run around our constitutional defenses that must be brought down.

Take a look at my article in Issues and Insights.  The push to sack ESG is on, and state and local officials, angry shareholders and freedom-oriented organizations like CFACT are leading the way.

I quote Florida Governor Ron Desantis who said, “Who do these people think they are? That they govern our society? Nobody voted for [BlackRock CEO Larry Fink]. So our mantra in Florida is, no economic or social transformation without representation. These are policies that could not win at the ballot box, so they’re trying to do through corporate America what they can’t do in the electoral process.”

CFACT has been actively participating in corposrate shareholder meetings and those of us engaged are having an impact.

As I explain in the article, “a number of free-market representatives and corporate shareholders have taken part in BlackRock, Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase, and other annual shareholder meetings to raise a fuss. They vote on various matters, put up some of their own proposals, and ask the CEOs uncomfortable questions about their involvement in ESG activities… The CEOs are not accustomed to such pushback from conservatives. They dodge, weave and filibuster evasively and defensively. They have no answers. Their reputations have been challenged.”

ESG proponents won’t go down easily, but we are already having success.  A number of Attorneys General have initiated legal action leading to 15 of 31 companies leaving the Net-Zero Insurance Alliance, whose original members collectively controlled more than $3 trillion in assets.  Shareholders are rejecting radical ESG proposals when they come up for a vote.

As my article concludes:

“The American people are showing they will not stomach the woke agenda these wealthy, powerful, unelected ESG promoters are imposing on them. We the People and our elected representatives have a right and duty to confront and, hopefully, put a stop to them.”


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EDITORS NOTE: This CFACT column is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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