Bud Light’s Death Star at Costco

American patriots are being silent no more. Costco not restocking Bud Light. Bud Light is dead. 

Bud Light at Costco and the so called “Death Star” [*] in upper right of the price signage means it will not be restocked.

It appears that Costco will not be stocking up on Bud Light since Anheuser-Busch‘s queer guy “Mulvaney Debacle.”

Photos Show Bud Light With Costco ‘Death Star’ Amid Plummeting Sales


Photos shared on social media show that Bud Light has allegedly received Costco‘s so-called “star of death”—a small asterisk at the top right-hand corner of items’ price tags which the retailer uses to signal a product will no longer be restocked once it is sold out.

Images shared on Twitter showed the price tags for Bud Light beer at different Costco stores, all marked with the “star of death.” It’s unclear where the stores are located. One of the pictures shows the beer being sold at $14.97 for a 2 x 12 pack, which a Twitter user said was Costco “practically giving away Bud Light.”

The photos were shared as the boycott against Bud Light by conservative customers angered by a sponsorship deal with trans activist and influencer Dylan Mulvaney earlier this year continues, with a significant negative impact on the brand.

According to new sales data seen by Newsweek earlier this week, Bud Light has seen a percentage drop in revenue from sales for June, compared with the same time last year.

NielsenIQ sales data, obtained by Newsweek via industry consultancy firm Bump Williams Consulting, showed that over a four-week period ending July 1, Bud Light saw a 28 percent decrease in revenue sales. Bud Light’s volume—the number of units of beer sold—was down 31.2 percent compared with the same time last year.

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FINALLY! Anheuser-Busch Says Mulvaney Was A Mistake

The Global Chief Marketing Officer of Anheuser-Busch (AB), Marcel Marcondes, told Newsmax on Monday that the campaign with transgender Dylan Mulvaney was a “wake-up call” for the company. Hopefully, for the brand, he will realize that his effort against Mulvaney did not cause the Bud Light boycott. It was merely a symptom. The cause of the boycott was Bud Light made one of the biggest brand mistakes possible—ignoring and disparaging the brand’s primary audience.

AB CEO Marcel Marcondes accepted the “Creative Marketer of the Year” award at Cannes Lions, an event held in France described as the “Oscars for the adverting industry.” It seemed ironic that Marcondes was getting this award, however, given that his company lost $27 billion in the wake of the Mulvaney ad campaign.

Mr. Marcondes said told Newmax:

“In times like this, when things get divisive and controversial so easily, I think it’s an important wake-up call to all of us marketers first of all to be very humble. That’s what we’re doing, being very humble, and really reminding ourselves of what we should do best every day, which is to really understand our consumers. Which is to really celebrate and appreciate every consumer that loves our brands — but in a way that can make them be together, not apart,” the marketing exec continued.

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