‘Bidens Do The Crime, But Not The Time’

The Biden family is an ongoing crime spree in which the word “consequences” does not exist.

DEROY MURDOCK: Bidens Do The Crime, But Not The Time

By: Deroy Murdock, Daily Caller, 

The family that skates together stays together.

The influence-peddling, money laundering, and foreign shakedowns encircling Hunter Biden, his uncle Jim, and The Big Guy in the Oval Office have received considerable attention, at least in the conservative media. But even Fox News addicts would be stunned ​by how many Bidens have T-boned into the law and ​waltzed away from the wreckage. The Biden family is an ongoing crime spree in which the word “consequences” might as well be in Swahili.

New York Post​’s​Jon​ Levine recently detailed how the Bidens get away with lawlessness  over and over and over again. Being a Biden means never facing the music for ​crimes that routinely land ​n​on-royals behind bars.

  • ​​First Son Hunter Biden earned at least $8.3 million in foreign schemes, according to IRS whistleblowers, evidently in exchange for access to his father. ​Echoing Watergate’s Saturday Night Massacre, the U.S. Department of Obstruction of Justice ​told the IRS on May 15 to ​instruct whistleblower Gary Shapley and his 12-member team ​to stop investigating Hunter. A concurrent DOJ probe already had devoured five years, as statute​s​ of limitation​ repeatedly expired.

With Hunter​ no longer under IRS’ microscope​, his lawyers and DOJ agreed that federal prosecutors would request two years of probation once Hunter pled guilty to misdemeanor​s, not felonies​,​ for not paying $100,000 in taxes on $1.5 million in income in 2017 and ’18. This 6.7% effective tax rate is the Democrats’​ new definition of “fair share.” If ​tax-evading ​actor Wesley Snipes were named Wesley Biden, he ​would have ​savored such a wrist massage. Instead, he spent nearly three years in prison.

Hunter lied on a gun-purchase application, claiming to be drug-free. He soon illegally possessed a gun while drug-addicted. Federal prosecutors want Hunter in a diversion program, not prison. Confirming America’s two-track justice system, rapper Kodak Black received a 46-month prison sentence for lying on a gun form.

Again: No punishment.

An anti-corruption non-profit called Marco Polo on July 1 released photos discovered on the Laptop from Hell. ​In them, Hunter snapped himself holding a crack pipe while driving through Arlington, Virginia, on June 12, 2018. That August 1, Hunter photographed himself piloting a Porsche to Las Vegas at 172 MPH.

What next? Will Hunter become the Department of Transportation’s Man of the Year?

  • ​​First Daughter Ashley was busted for marijuana possession in 1999, while at Tulane University. New Orleans police confirm her arrest, but court documents show no conviction.

Ashley offended again, after a 2002 bottle-shattering fracas outside a Chicago​ bar​. She allegedly tried to obstruct a cop and made “intimidating statements.” So what? Charges were dropped.

In 2009, Levine reports, a woman who looks like Ashley appeared in a video, seemingly snorting cocaine at a Delaware house party. Once again, Ashley skated.

  • ​​First Brother Frank was a passenger in an August 14, 1999 drunk-driving crash near San Diego. On September 2, 2002, a court found Frank partially liable for fatally hitting single-father Michael Albano. Frank was told to pay Albano’s daughters $550,000 in damages. With interest, this had grown to $880,000. As the Daily Mail reports, Frank skipped court appearances and paid the Albanos nothing through at least 2020.

On August 20, 2003, Frank was arrested for drunk driving in Fort Lauderdale. His license had been suspended four times. Penalty: Six months’ probation.

That October 27, Biden got nabbed at a Pompano Beach, Florida, Blockbuster with two stolen DVDs shoved in his pants. He missed his court hearing and apparently skirted prosecution.

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