IRS Whistleblower Mr. Ziegler Confirms Biden Family Received $17 Million from Romania, China, Burisma, et. al. in Just 5 Years

IRS whistleblower Mr. Ziegler just confirmed that between 2014 to 2019—in just five years—the Biden family received approximately $17 million from Romania, China, & other foreign countries. What were the Bidens’ selling? Nothing but influence and  access to the Biden network.

Full coverage of the hearings here: House Oversight Committee convenes hearing on IRS whistleblowers, Bidens



FBI Agent Confirms Testimony from IRS Whistleblowers That DOJ Interfered in Hunter Biden Investigations in ‘Sickening Testimony’ Revealing ‘the Lengths to Which the DOJ is Willing to Go to Cover up for The Bidens’

IRS Whistleblower’s Thunderous Clap Back, Knocks Out Hunter Biden’s Lawyers And The Washington Post With One Blow

AG Garland LIED Under Oath: NY Times Confirms IRS Whistleblowers’ Allegations

EVERY SINGLE DEMOCRAT on House Ways & Means Committee Voted to Hide IRS Whistleblower Testimony and Keep on Biden Corruption Secret

Biden’s DOJ Indicts Biden Whistleblower Who Came Out of Hiding To Expose High Crimes By President and his Family

GOP has 6 witnesses Who Can Back up Claim AG Lied about DOJ Interference in Hunter Case: Whistleblower

New FBI Whistleblower: FBI Agents Who Questioned Overblown Response to Jan 6 Were THREATENED By Director

Watch and Listen to What the FBI Did to This Whistleblower’s Family….

Weaponized IRS Removes Entire Team Investigating Hunter Biden

Weaponized FBI’s ‘Abuse of Power’: Three Whistleblowers Expose How Bureau Inflated Domestic Extremism’ Stats and Prioritized January 6 Defendants Over Child Predators in Bombshell Hearing

BOMBSHELL WHISTLEBLOWER: Joe Biden Engaged In “Bribery Scheme With a Foreign National,” ‘Money for Policy Decisions’

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  1. Royal Allen Brown III
    Royal Allen Brown III says:

    The Biden Crime family in action – they, along with Clintons and Romneys should all be indicted for crimes including money laundering; failure to register as foreign agents; conspiracy to defraud, etc. etc.


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