ARIZONA STATE ALERT: Stop ‘Family’ Drag performances—Unlawful and Inappropriate for Kids!

Drag Queen performances are never appropriate for kids; protect children’s innocence.

Drag is adult entertainment that should remain behind private walls along with strip tease and subject to the same statutes and restrictions as all “sexually oriented businesses”. Drag performers, whether scantily dressed or fully dressed, are always sexually provocative and inappropriate for minors.

Drag entertainment has been confined to Drag Bar establishments nationwide and has always fallen under city statutes for ‘sexually oriented’ adult entertainment with strict age restrictions until recently.

A recent trend in Drag public performances marketed “for all ages” or “families” is a new phenomenon that has left many citizens shocked that authorities have allowed these events, whether in local libraries, restaurants, malls, public parks, or other locals.

Adult entertainers have never attempted to market and perform in a public setting before, catching local officials off guard. Imagine what the public reaction would be if the local gentleman’s club attempted to organize an ‘all ages’ event in the community park; it’s not done because it’s illegal!

State and City officials are fearful of attacks by the LGBT organization and community, fearful of being labeled transphobic or bigoted, failing to question the legality of these events.

Citywide ordinances for sexually oriented businesses and public decency laws that prohibit lewd and lascivious behavior need to be amended to clearly define Drag alongside Strip Tease performance to protect children and allow local law enforcement to safeguard our community.

Arizona state has been reeling in controversy over Drag ‘Family’ events, with the Left arguing that anyone opposed to Drag events directed at minors is transphobic or bigoted, treating public Drag events as a culture war phenomenon.

Mainstream Drag entertainment is largely opposed to performances in front of kids, arguing that Drag is “all about sex”.

Prominent Sex Neuroscientist Dr.Debra Soh, strongly warns against children being exposed to drag and used as “props to be used for political statements”.

Drag Story Hour has been the ‘camel’s nose under the tent’, attempting to make public drag appearances main stream, despite the continuous reports of Drag Queens exposing their genitals to school children in numerous cities.

Drag performances marketed to all ages has caught officials largely off guard, and many lawmakers and city officials have felt the need to create a law to prohibit these events, neglecting to realize most states and city ordinances already have legal authority and requirement to restrict Drag to private ‘sexually oriented businesses’ that safeguard entry to adults 18 and older.

Cottonwood’s City Council Woman, Lisa DuVernay, attempted to stop a Drag tour from performing in April, understanding the inappropriateness of this event for ‘family’.

“Since the beginning of February, I’ve made two attempts to get an Ordinance on the Agenda, but both efforts have been unsuccessful.  I am facing opposition and observing the Mayor, City Attorney, and City Manager bending rules to support their own narrative,” Council Woman DuVernay stated. Don’t let her stand alone in defense of children!

Arizona’s Legislature passed S1030 to clearly set restrictions on sexually explicit performances to include Drag, but it was promptly vetoed by Governor Katie Hobbs dubbed the “veto queen”. This model legislation should be passed as a citywide ordinance by City Councils statewide immediately.

Cottonwood and Neighboring Residents

Please plan to attend the next City Council meeting, in person or remotely, on August 8th beginning at 6:00 PM:

City of Cottonwood Council Chambers or Rec Center

Council Chamber: 826 N Main St, Cottonwood, AZ 86326

Or Rec Center: 150 S 6th St, Cottonwood, AZ 86326

Watch Live on Facebook Here>>

Watch Live on YouTube Here>>

A strong showing of local parents and residents is very effective. For those in public attendance, please submit your request for public comment to the Clerk upon arrival and prepare a 3 minute or less public comment. Please be sure to note your support of a citywide ordinance.

All Arizonians


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Share this campaign with EVERYONE you know and ask them to ACT and pass it on until we protect kids across the state!

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