66% of Deaths in England Were Vaccinated Starting February 2021

66% of Emergency Room Deaths Were Vaccinated in England since February, 2021.

Please see Page 19 of  Public Health England (PHE) pdf. *

Again, Two Thirds of the Dead Were Vaxxed.

* Note The Wellcome Sanger Institute  is involved (See Page 42).

The criminal British Wellcome Company  killed 60,000 Boers  –  men, women and children  –  in British Concentration Camps in South Africa, by vaccination in 1901-1902, during the Boer War.

Please see at minute 59:10,  “Breaker Morant”   (1980).

The Boers were naught but Christian Patriot farmers, doing what they could, to repel the Rapacious British Crown and their Anglo-Banker Masters, who coveted South African diamonds and mineral ores rich in gold and silver.

The Wellcome Company became the Wellcome Trust  which opened their UK Wellcome Sanger Institute  in 1992  –  to exploit the human genome  –  at the Hinxton Hall Estate, near Cambridge.

It is now called the Wellcome Genome Campus.

The Wellcome Trust along with the  Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation  fund the  Pirbright Institute  in Surrey, just southwest of London.

The Pirbright Institute  is a British non-profit (a ‘Charity’ in UK parlance) exploiting animal infectious diseases and from whose Surrey Lab a hoof and mouth disease episode was released into England, with devastating consequences to livestock farmers, who support English independence from unelected, tyrannical, European Union (EU) Globalist Bureaucrats operating in Brussels, Belgium, at the behest of their Anglo-Banker Masters.

On Thursday, 23 June 2016, the English People voted to exit the EU, in what history will record as the “Brexit.

Shortly thereafter, on Tuesday, 8 November 2016, The American People voted to exit the Banker Collective, with the election of Donald J. Trump as the 45th US President, in what history will record as the “Amerexit“.

Notoriously, the British Pirbright Institute holds the US Patent for Corona Virus, dated 20 November 2018.

Likewise, The  US Patent and Trademark Office  is administered by the British company  SERCO  –  which has issued over 4 million US patents during its contract.

SERCO was founded in 1929 as RCA Services Limited, a United Kingdom division of the Radio Corporation of America (RCA).

Thus does the Intellectual Property (IP) of the United States become subject to survey and control by British Operators for the Anglo-Bankers.

The  Pirbright Institute  established the Merial Lab, 220 miles down the road, south of the infamous Wuhan Lab in Communist China.  The Merial Labanother animal infectious disease facility, was likewise funded by the Wellcome Trust and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The British Tyrant Elizabeth II, on the 20th of October 2015, hosted the Chairman of the Chinese Communist Party, Xi Jinping at an elaborate state dinner at Buckingham Palace  –  just months before Donald J. Trump was elected US President in 2016.

The Queen spoke then, of close cooperation with Communist China.  It has ever been the Crown’s Chief Stratagem to form league in concert with the Second Most Powerful Piece on the chessboard, to together take down the Most Powerful One.  In China, the Crown has cultivated its Chinese Gangster Minions for the past three (3) centuries, first with shared franchise of its lucrative & immoral opium trade (yet ongoing), then with its recruitment, in the past century, of the black heart Mao Tse Tung, to prosecute the ruthless, Anglo-Banker financed, Kommunist Dodge, projecting power from ‘the barrel of a gun’.

In Truth, the Rapacious Crown has never given up on TOTAL Control of the Resources, People & Production of The American Continent  –  its Empire’s Crown Jewel  –  peradventure, for the last three centuries & more.

Howbeit, the Anglo-Bankers, their Muscle Crown & its Minion Privy Council, Now Control ALL of the Six (6) or Seven (7) Major Control Sectors of OUR US Society?

Grandpa Wooddell & his Brother John [ War for American Independence ], Grandpa Fling [ War of 1812 ] and Grandpa Cooper & his Four (4) Brothers [ War Between The States ], all fought & some died, to repel the Bankers’ British Tyrant from our midst  –  in faithful preservation of Christ’s Liberty in the limited government, Constitutional Republic under the God of the Bible, for the United States of America.

They would surely now be at arms once more, in view of the Rampant Intrusions by the Crown upon present American Felicity, Prosperity & Peace.

[ Witness the outrageous MI-6 “Steele Dossier” in the persecution of President Trump in 2016.  Likewise observe  British Subject Kamala Harris Importuning in the office of VICE POTUS, but one heartbeat away from Commander in Chief of US Armed Forces! ]

Please see the Queen’s telegraphing remarks in this video,  “Queen Addresses Xi Jingping CCP Chairman  –  2015“.

Two years later, on October 31st, 2017, Halloween, in the People’s Great Hall in Mainland Communist China, two dozen Globalist Goblins gathered to memorialize their collaboration with Communist Party Chairman Xi, in a group photograph, one year after the election of Donald J. Trump as US President.

This was, Red October of 2017.

Please see image of this occasion, at American Pilgrims Society Traitors, showing this Crew of many Suspects in the later Global Election Management Fraud of 2020, which defrauded the American People of Re-Election of President Trump to a Second Term in November of that year  –  Yellow November.

President Trump had said, in the months leading up to the 2020 General Presidential Election, he was going to end the Payroll Tax in America for good in 2021.  Them’s fighting words for the Anglo-Bankers, who ensured the usurious 1913 Federal Reserve Act & its ‘Rothschilds Model’, Direct Taxation companion piece, the 16th Amendment (Income Tax), were gun-decked to illicit ‘ratification’ by Banker Stooge, US Secretary of State Philander Knox, during December Yuletide of that year.  Over 20 State Legislatures didn’t even vote on the same bill language, rendering the Amendment null & void from the outset  –  and wholly ‘repugnant to the Constitution‘.

The American People have suffered over a century of Real Bondage since  –  their currency Devalued EXPONENTIALLY, in the Banker Trick of Fiat Currency Price Inflation.

[ For the solution to this pernicious blood sucking, please see,  The Crossroads of Collectivism:  Trump Tax Plan, Laffer Curve and Reagan & Thatcher Prosperity in the US & UK. ]

By the way, Lord Pirbright, born in India, was kin to the Rothschilds  –  the Anglo-Bankers.

Americans will have to end the British Crown and the Anglo-Bankers to be free  –  and for the World and the English Peoples to be finally shut of their incessant, deadly machinations, once and for all.

Thus We Are At War with the Anglo-Bankers, The Crown & their Minion CCP  –  just like Nicholas Romanov II the Christian Russian Czar was  –  before he and his entire family were summarily, brutally executed, following the Anglo-Banker activated & funded Marxist, Bolshevik, Russian Democratic Socialist coup d’état, instigated by Banker Operatives, Vladimir Lenin, Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin & three thousand of their closest Red-Shirt, Ashkenazi, Middle European, Marxist pals, in Red October of 1917.

The movie “Nicholas & Alexandra” shows just how brutal this outrageous chapter was  –  much like the  gruesome events before our eyes in Kabul  (to distract us from remediating the Grand ‘Election Infection’ Fraud of 2020, with our Vote Audits).

Please see at  3:01:58,  “Nicholas and Alexandra”  (1971).

Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin were all trained up by British Member of Parliament (MP) Philip Whitwell Wilson, in the first decade of the 20th Century, during several visits to Wilson’s home at 16 Percy Circus, London.

Wilson was one of the Founders of the British Fabian Society, a Communist training and recruiting outfit  –  yet extant in London today.  The London School of Economics is incorrigibly Fabian  –  a sorry attempted blot on Christ’s Liberty worldwide.

Communism is naught but a Banker Trick to destabilize & deconstruct Host Societies for assimilation into a Banker Global Collective.

In a popular culture episode of ‘predictive programming‘, open description of this Mammon Collective is amusingly presented in the movie “Network” by a Banker Crony Capitalist character named Jensen, (played by departed actor Ned Beatty).


Please see at  1:31:35,  “Network”  (1976).



There is nominal evidence Karl Marx was kin to the Rothschilds.

Please see,  “Karl Marx Was Rothschilds Third Cousin“.


The Fabian Society emblem in stained glass, is a Wolf

Cloaked in a Sheepskin.


They always have to tell you what they are going to do.


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