HOLLAND: New logo of the Dutch Tax Service is the Gender Queer Flag

Just as in your country, the USA, over here in The Netherlands the folks in charge are pushing Woke ideology through our throats. My God, I think I have to puke.

The flag of the Biblical town of Sodom is now everywhere. It’s not just that many citizens hang the colorful flag from their windows, and that restaurants and shops proudly wave it everywhere. No, the museums, the vehicles of the street cleaners, the public transport, the plastic bags of the largest supermarket chain Albert Heijn, the largest Dutch bank ING.. They all carry this flag. It’s everywhere now.

Even the Dutch Tax Agency has incorporated the flag of Sodom in their new logo on Twitter.

Seeing this flag everywhere, instead of our national flag or the weapon of my city of Amsterdam, it gives me the impression that we are living now under an evil occupation!

To make it absolutely clear that I remain a TOLERANT Dutchman: It’s my position that I think that what adult people do, with mutual consent, in their bedroom, behind a closed door, is absolutely their own business.

But I object to same sex marriage and transsexuality for the reason that it’s against tradition and faith, and children can become the victims.

We must protect our children!

To understand what is happening watch the Nazi propaganda documentary, “Der Triumph des Willens” (Triumph of the Will) about the rally in Nuremburg.

What is incredible is that hundreds of thousands of Germans are raising their hands in the Nazi salute.

One asks the obvious question: how could EVERYBODY be so duped and naïve? You’ve answered it for us.

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