Maine Governor Wants 75,000 More Migrants to Commit Crimes Americans Won’t

30-year-old Mohammed Sheik and 23-year-old Keyt Hussein were both shot to death.

Maine Gov. Janet Mills has a plan.

Maine Gov. Janet Mills signed an executive order Wednesday intended to establish a new migrant resettlement office, telling the Portland newspaper the administration’s goal is to attract 75,000 new workers to Maine.

The governor announced the goal as part of the press strategy for rolling out an executive order that will eventually create the “Office of New Americans,” a state office that will assist with migrant resettlement and integration throughout the state.

Mills told the liberal Portland Press Herald newspaper that the goal of attracting 75,000 migrant workers to Maine is part of her plan to supply businesses in Maine with “New Mainers” to fill job vacancies.

New Mainers from Somalia have a very important role to play in segments of the Maine economy. Like joining ISIS.

Lewiston woman discovers her ex-husband joined ISIS and was killed in Syria. She’s angry that some are blaming her, labeling her and her children terrorists

Or gang violence.

The Maine State Police Department have identified the two men killed in Lewiston over the weekend. 30-year-old Mohammed Sheik of Auburn and 23-year-old Keyt Hussein were both shot to death.

75,000 more inbound.

You just can’t count on ‘Old Mainers’ to join ISIS or commit random street crime. That’s what the ‘New Mainers’ are for.



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