Watch as Trump’s attorney John Lauro demolishes NBC’s Chuck Todd and CNN’s Dana Bash

Before we get into President Donald J. Trump’s attorney let’s watch and listen to what President Trump says about what’s at stake in this latest indictment:

WATCH: This Sky News analysis of Democrats Al Gore, Hillary Clinton and Stacy Abrams all not conceding their elections:

What President Trump is really defending is we the people’s inalienable rights to freedom of speech and to petition our elected leaders.

If by some quirk or injustice prevails then free and fair elections are dead at every level, from the school house to the White House.

Now, let’s watch attorney John Lauro.

John Lauro is not afraid to be on shows whose hosts hate President Donald J. Trump. In fact he actually seems to enjoy taking the lamestream media hosts down.

Here’s John appearance on NBC’s Meet the Press with Chuck Todd.


And John didn’t stop there, he then appeared on CNN with Dana Bash.


It appears that President Trump is in good hands with attorney John Lauro.

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