VIDEO: Rep. Matt Gaetz Discusses ‘Whistleblower-Like Immunity’ for President Trump

Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz appeared on the Charlie Kirk Show. In an email Congressman Gaetz wrote,

On Tuesday, I joined “The Charlie Kirk Show,” where I discussed how House Republicans could allow President Trump to act as a whistleblower as to Special Counsel Jack Smith’s political witch hunt.

Current law authorizes a congressional committee or subcommittee to provide witnesses with immunity from criminal prosecution related to information given in testimony before such committee or subcommittee. One way House Republicans could fight back against Special Counsel Smith’s political indictment would be for the House Judiciary Committee or its Crime Subcommittee to issue a subpoena to President Trump granting him immunity for his testimony about the abuse of the criminal process. Congress has legitimate oversight interests in an election-interference operation, and President Trump could be the ultimate whistleblower. [Emphasis added]

WATCH: Could Congress Immunize President Trump From the Indictment?

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