NEW JERSEY SCHOOL BOARD VIDEO: ‘Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity’ Taking Precedence over Reading, Writing and Arithmetic

After receiving tips from concerned parents in Livingston, NJ, my team investigated and found that “equity, inclusion, and diversity” was taking precedence over reading, writing, and arithmetic with elected school board members.

Indoctrination starts behind closed doors in almost every instance – whether in school boards nationwide or in corporate America training rooms.

Radicals attempt to push identity politics on just about everyone – and our kids are the most vulnerable.

The best way to handle this is by exposing it, and that’s why my team at OMG is handing out cameras to parents around the nation – empowering them to break their own stories and impact their community with change.

So, when I showed up at a school board meeting in Livingston, NJ, to announce our effort to arm parents with undercover cameras, the board’s chairman, Vineeta Khanna, ironically ordered me to stop recording (violating New Jersey’s recording laws). 

While I asked my cameraman to put his camera down, I made the announcement and then proceeded to show them how they would be recorded by pointing out a hidden camera in the room – they didn’t seem thrilled.

Thankfully, Ms. Khanna and elected school board members around America cannot stop parents equipped with hidden cameras and trained to ethically use them.

Now here’s where things got interesting.

As I left the meeting, I faced local law enforcement who had been called on me!

I can’t make this stuff up.

Their fear of exposure, combined with their ignorance of the law, should alarm us all – as these are the folks tasked with leading entire school districts to educate our children while setting an example of morality and character values.

Do you trust them?

I certainly don’t.

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