THE ONE AND ONLY REAL MISSION: Firing Crooked Joe and Saving America!

After doing an interview with Tucker Carlson, at the same time the GOP was holding its candidate debate, President Donald J. Trump sent out the following in an email.

Rather than wipe the floor with a handful of RINOs at Wednesday night’s GOP debate while we’re leading in every poll, I chose to spend my time on what truly matters…


Which is why I sat down with a true ally of the America First Movement – Tucker Carlson – for an in-depth interview where I detailed how we will BEAT Biden in 2024.

And that interview has already garnered more than 250 MILLION views.

Just think of it: The highest rated primary debate in history had 24 million viewers, and we just beat that by over 226 million!

In fact, one of our RINO opponents couldn’t help himself but point out on live TV that the debate arena Wednesday night wasn’t even full without your favorite president in attendance.

They probably would’ve liked a few of our 250 million viewers!

But now, there’s simply no doubt about it, the American people have spoken. They are ALL IN on our movement to SAVE AMERICA in 2024!

And unlike our foolish opponents on Wednesday night, we REFUSE to play into Biden’s hands.

There will be no long and drawn-out Republican primary that allows Crooked Joe to sneak by unscathed until the final months of 2024.

Because with our already DOMINANT 50 and even 60-point LEADS, we’re going to lock up the nomination and WRAP UP this primary as quickly as humanly possible.

On the heels of this HUGE momentum, please make a contribution to our Primary Victory Fund to WRAP UP the primary for good so that we can shift 100% of our focus to the REAL mission: firing Crooked Joe Biden and SAVING AMERICA.

Thank you,

Donald J. Trump
45th President of the United States

Well it seems, as we predicted, that the GOP Presidential primary is over.

©2023. Dr. Rich Swier. All rights reserved.

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