Biden’s ‘alcohol czar’ Wants to Limit Americans to 2 Alcoholic Drinks a Week, while Massive amounts of Fentanyl cross our borders

And a marijuana shop on every corner. But no drinks for you.

Drug deaths nationwide hit a new record. 109,680 people died in 2022. As the fentanyl crisis continued to deepen, according to data released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

But hold your beer!

They are out of control. Mad with obscene power.

Two Drink Maximum: Biden’s Booze Czar Wants Your Limit At 2 Drinks A Week

By Zach Heilman, Red Voice Media, August 25, 2023

In a recent development that could have significant impacts on beer enthusiasts and the alcohol industry alike, President Joe Biden’s so-called “alcohol czar” has hinted at potential new guidance that could limit the recommended alcohol intake to just two beers per week.

The announcement has raised eyebrows across the nation, with many conservatives questioning the necessity and effectiveness of such a limitation.

As part of an ongoing campaign to promote responsible drinking, the Alcohol Control Board has been analyzing existing recommendations. It appears that the regime is considering a substantial reduction in the amount of alcohol it advises Americans to consume safely.

Currently, the U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend up to one drink per day for women and up to two drinks per day for men. But the new proposal, as hinted by Biden’s appointee, could potentially change this long-standing guidance to just two beers per week.

Critics argue that such a dramatic reduction reflects an overreach of government authority and an intrusion into individuals’ personal lives. Many question whether the government should have any say in dictating personal choices related to legal behavior.

Some have also expressed concern about the impact these new guidelines could have on the brewing industry, especially small craft breweries that have already been struggling in recent times due to the government’s overreach during the alleged pandemic. Limiting the recommended consumption might further affect sales and the livelihoods of those working in the industry.

Proponents of the new guidelines, however, argue that the change is motivated by health concerns, but most remain silent on the poison we are fed that’s approved by the FDA and lines the aisles of our grocery stores.

Nevertheless, critics maintain that responsible drinking is a personal choice, and individuals should be trusted to make their own informed decisions about alcohol consumption. The suggestion of limiting alcohol intake to just two beers per week strikes many as a patronizing attempt to control the habits of American adults.

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