National Archives Has 5,400 Joe Biden Emails Using Aliases and Fake Names To Discuss Business with Hunter and Forward Classified Govt Info

For what, aliases? What was he hiding? Criminals use aliases.

This nation is under siege by the most powerful organized crime racket in the world.

National Archives reveals it has 5,400 Biden emails in which the president potentially used FAKE NAMES to forward government information and discuss business with son Hunter


President Joe Biden may have used pseudonyms in nearly 5,400 emails, electronic records and documents when he was vice president, a bombshell letter from the National Archives and Records Administration reveals.

The trove of communications was confirmed after the Southeastern Legal Foundation (SLF) filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) for emails connected to aliases allegedly used by Biden, including Robin Ware, Robert L. Peters, and JRB Ware.

Republicans have been demanding the release of the emails they say could show Biden used the names to discuss foreign business with his son and share information on countries where he was doing deals.

The White House has insisted Biden was never in business with his son, and vice presidents and high-level government officials often use pseudonyms to prevent being inundated with spam and emails from the public.

At the time, the Obama administration dismissed criticism the communications were ‘secret’ because they were all archived.

But the sheer volume of emails raises questions over whether then-VP Biden broke the ‘absolute wall’ he said he maintained between the ‘the personal and private, and the government’.

Emails from Hunter’s laptop also reveal business partners referred to Biden as the ‘big guy’.

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NARA has acknowledged holding around 5,400 emails, electronic records, and documents suggesting President Biden used pseudonyms while Obama’s VP

The existence of the emails came to light in response to a Freedom of Information Act request submitted in June 2022

Emails are connected to the aliases Robin Ware, Robert L. Peters, and JRB Ware — all pseudonyms the 80-year-old president was known to utilize while serving

National Archives Has 5,400 Biden Alias Emails

National Archives Has 5,400 Biden Emails With Pseudonyms

By Jeffrey Rodack| Newsmax, 29 August 2023:

The National Archives and Records Administration acknowledged it has about 5,400 emails that potentially show President Joe Biden hid behind phony names while vice president, the New York Post is reporting.

The existence of the records was confirmed by the NARA and came in response to a June 2022 Freedom of Information Act request by the Southeastern Legal Foundation.

Specifically, the SLF, a nonprofit constitutional legal group, requested emails relating to the accounts of Robin Ware, Robert L. Peters, and JRB Ware — pseudonyms Joe Biden was known to use in the White House during his time as vice president under Barack Obama, the Post said.

The legal foundation sued the NARA for the release of the records on Monday. The group claims the records could show Joe Biden may have provided government information to his son, Hunter Biden.

Kimberly Hermann, SLF general counsel, said in a statement: “All too often, public officials abuse their power by using it for their personal or political benefit. When they do, many seek to hide it. The only way to preserve governmental integrity is for NARA to release Joe Biden’s nearly 5,400 emails to SLF and thus the public. The American public deserves to know what is in them.”

Stephannie Oriabure, director of NARA’s archival operations division, wrote the SLF on June 24, 2022, saying: “We have performed a search of our collection for vice presidential records related to your [June 9, 2022] request and have identified approximately 5,138 email messages, 25 electronic files and 200 pages of potentially responsive records that must be processed in order to respond to your request,” according to the lawsuit.

The SLF said none of the emails or documents have been turned over to the group.

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