The UFO’s Myth and Active Measures

In a recent interview with Maj. Stephen Coughlin, when asked about the occasional push by the government-media complex on UFOs visiting Earth and various surrounding narratives, he responded that it was an active measure.

That is the best explanation for why the government does these odd occasional forays into media-space with officials making absurd claims about visiting spacecraft which are not of earthly origin, harassing military bases in Virginia every night. If that was true, I’m sure we would have at least one photo or video of that.

In terms of what these phenomenon are, as observed, a high probability theory would be advanced holographic projectors. I think it’s safe to say that if you can order a 2W burning laser, or even much higher power from China, often battery powered that can be carried in a large pocket, then a space based laser that can incinerate a house would be something the U.S. military would probably have a lot of.

So now look at this sub USD $70.00 Halloween holography toy, what it can do, and how available it is, and then do the math.

Link to purchase. 

Now I’m not sure what makes this a Holographic projector as opposed to a regular one, but having had a RED Holographic phone in my hands, I know what they could do back in 2017 or so, and it was mighty impressive. And that was on a phone. Projecting a shape that can be interpreted as a flying saucer as portrayed in movies would be easy. And it would also perfectly explain how it moves as described, effortlessly going in and out of the water and high altitudes without seeming to notice the difference, and making impossible turns. EXACTLY what a cat might think when playing with the dot at the end of your laser projector.

Ret. Major Stephen Coughlin’s Urgent Warning for Western Civilization (the “alien invasion” remarks begin at the 1:01 minute mark).

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  1. Brian Fraser
    Brian Fraser says:

    People will not understand UAP propulsion systems unless they have a good understanding of so-called “non-local physics”. This type of physics is taught in the schools only in the form of Quantum Mechanics, but it actually has a much wider scope that we never hear about. Please refer to:

    “Beyond Einstein: non-local physics, 5 th ed”

    Please note that it is about PHYSICS, not specifically about UFOs or UAPs.


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