Nearly 60% of Republican Voters Back Trump in 2024 White House Race: Poll

The Republican Party primary is over. President Trump will be the Republican Party nominee in 2024. The other Republican Party presidential candidates need to end their campaigns immediately. Governor DeSantis in particular must suspend his campaign and endorse President Trump. Otherwise his political career beyond Florida is over.

The Democrats are breaking our Constitution to get Trump off the ticket. They’ve burned this country down and know in a fair election they would go down in flames. So they want a uniparty candidate not a man of the people. Someone they can control, not someone that will clean up the rot, greed and corruption.

Nearly 60% of Republican voters back Trump in 2024 White House race: poll

By Fox News, Sept 2nd, 2023

Former President Donald Trump holds a commanding lead in the Republican presidential primary race for the White House, according to a new survey.

The Wall Street Journal poll released Saturday found that 59% of Republican primary voters support Trump in the race, an 11-point increase since the outlet conducted a similar survey in April.

The only other candidate to clear double-digit support from Republican voters in the poll was Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who garnered 13% support. Since the April poll, the outlet noted that Trump’s lead over DeSantis has nearly doubled to 46 percentage points.

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