Exposé on German Inner Cities: ‘Zombieland’—Migration, Drugs, and Violence

Dutch legal philosopher Eva Vlaardingerbroek together with a German team made a documentary about German inner cities. You can see the same sort of problems as you are familiar with in the U.S.

It’s sad to say, but Germany has become Zombieland.

NiUS reports:

As we all can see, something has changed in Germany. There’s a new form of homelessness in our cities. The effects of drugs, violence, and migration are palpable everywhere. Crystal meth and heroin are found next to children’s playgrounds. Knife fights in front of train stations take place literally every day, and homeless people are decaying while still alive. People who migrated to Germany are struggling to cope. NIUS reporters Eva Vlaardingerbroek and Jan A. Karon document the ‘Zombieland’ from the front lines. The homeless share how they ended up in the streets – and what occupies their minds.

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