Wisconsin School District Defends Offering Kid’s Guides to Anal Sex and Sex Kinks

The district said the content passed the “selection guidelines.” It’s pedophilia, it’s predatory, it’s sick.

BREAKING: WI school district defends offering kids guides to anal sex and sex kinks, claims the content passed the “selection guidelines”

By: Libs of TikTok, September 3, 2023:Sep 3

Thanks to an email tip from a concerned parent, we did a deep dive into the books the Kenosha Unified School District is providing their students. What we found in their libraries and heard from their leaders is truly shocking.

So after sifting through their library, we reached out to the school with our findings: Our email to the district.

“This Book Is Gay” teaches students how to have gay sex and how to use a gay sex hookup app to meet up with others. It also includes a guide to sex kinks and fetishes such as peeing on each other and eating poop. It’s available as an eBook, students just need to login and can check it out digitally.

Sample pages from “This Book Is Gay” here.

Full guide to sex kinks, anal sex, sex toys, and more found in ‘This Book Is Gay”

“Let’s Talk About It” Is a guide to watching porn online and using sex toys with extremely graphic depictions of sex.

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