NYC: Staten Islanders Arrested After Peacefully Protesting Buses Carrying Illegal Migrants Being Moved to Residential School

Law-abiding Americans exercising their first amendment rights were arrested.

Let’s be clear here, illegal aliens who entered this country illegally are criminals—all unvetted, many with criminal backgrounds, but were not arrested.

The time for revolution is now. #IStandwithStatenIsland

Staten Islanders taking a stand. G-d bless them.

Staten Island Protesters Arrested After Blocking Bus Carrying Illegal Immigrants

The residents are trying to send a message to the migrants that they are not welcome here.’

By Matthew Lysiak, The Epoch Times, September 21, 2023:

Police made 10 arrests after fed-up Staten Island residents took to the street Tuesday night and physically blocked the arrival of a bus carrying dozens of illegal immigrants to a residential school that had recently been converted into a shelter.

“The police are arresting law-abiding American citizens to protect law-breaking non-citizens,” Mark Fonte, a lawyer who has filed a lawsuit on behalf of residents of Staten Island trying to stop the city from relocating illegal immigrants to the borough, told The Epoch Times. “The mayor is using his emergency powers to place these unvetted immigrants in residential communities against the will of the people, and the people are angry.”

“The residents are trying to send a message to the migrants that they are not welcome here,” added Mr. Fonte.

“The residents are frustrated that they are being totally ignored. There is no community input in the decision-making, or consultation with community leaders,” said Mr. Fonte. “It’s my way or the highway with the Mayor.”

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