Soviet Style Show Trial: Ivanka, Donald Jr., Eric Trump Listed as Prosecution Witnesses in Father’s New York Trial

This is communist practice adopted by the Democrat party of treason – one must condemn, denounce and testify against their parents and family members.

Ivanka Trump listed as prosecution witness in her father’s New York fraud trial

Judge Arthur Engoron ruled this week that Trump engaged in fraud

Filing says prosecutors will call Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump

By Geoff Earle, Deputy U.S. Political Editor For 28 September 2023:

Former first daughter Ivanka Trump is among the Trump family members prosecutors plan to call in the fraud trial set to start Monday in New York.

She is among three Trump children listed as witnesses in the case, after Judge Arthur Engoron issued a stunning ruling finding Trump and his company committed fraud over a period of years.

New York state AG Letitia James has sued Trump and his firm for $250 million in damages, in a trial where the penalty phase kicks off next week following Engoron’s summary judgement ruling.

Trump has attacked the judge as a ‘Trump Hater’ and fumed about the attack on his family business, amid uncertainty about whether the latest ruling would force him to liquidate his real estate and hospitality empire in the state.

Prosecutors plan to call former first daughter Ivanka Trump as a witness in the Trump fraud case. She was a senior advisor in the Trump White House. As an employee of her father’s company, she was involved in the lease of the Old Post Office for the former Trump hotel in D.C.

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