NYC Climate Ignorati March Against ‘Fossil’ Fuels – Again

Another far left march against civilization. These evil clowns will be the death of us.

Climate Change is another Marxist hoax. AMERICA WAKE UP!

”The goal of scientific research should be to pursue the truth, not confirm a personal or institutional bias. But many analyses of the global warming hypothesis begin with the assumption that man has caused global warming and then proceed to try to prove the thesis, employing pseudoscience in the effort.”  [American Thinker- 1]

Agenda 2030 Is In Peril, Globalists Are Becoming Desperate. [The Great Climate Con – 2 ]

Even Bill Gates is backtracking — the air’s gone out of the climate-crisis balloon.[NY Post-3]

“It would be nice to see the New York City government emphasize crime control, subway maintenance and pothole-fixing instead of trendy (and grift-filled) social justice projects.”

Video Part 1 – Climate March NYC was huge with the usual hard -core leftards and do-gooders who still think dinosaurs are the source of oil. (so many FOSSIL FUEL signs.) Lots of Street Theatre when they get together that always entertains and of course, kids (and adults) with dino-hats as the Ignorati happily marched to First Avenue and speakers and music and FUN.

Video Part 2 – Lots of Street Theatre when they get together that always entertains and of course, kids (and adults) with dino-hats as the ignorati happily marched to First Avenue and speakers and music and FUN.

Video Part 3- Chose to avoid the end of the march….there’s only so much silliness to be endured …

Flickr Slideshow — Part 1. Always a lot of pictures to post of the climate warnings, the costumes and the banners.

Flickr Part 2 — Everyone was VERY happy, even though the end of the world is near.

Flickr Part 3 — Families. young and old. politicians. Communists and LOTS of Socialists.

Flickr Part 4 — And it seemed out of state as well, based on some of the t-shirts

Think Manhattan is a mess this Climate Week? Wait until the UN-led movement bans fossil fuels [NY Post-4]

[American Thinker-5]

In legitimate scientific research, the data obtained by experimentation or observation are never adjusted; adjustments corrupt the data and invalidate the results. If the methodology used in an experiment or observation is faulty, one adjusts the methodology, not the data obtained from the investigation.

In effect, adjustments to temperature readings have artificially “created” global warming.

…. the Earth has no average temperature to measure or calculate,

…. CO2 does not cause global warming.  I use publicly available data from the world’s temperature databases to prove that there has been no statistically significant global warming of the Earth’s atmosphere, oceans, or land mass as the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere increasedthereby falsifying the global warming hypothesis.

…. It is all about the money and political power. Science has been sacrificed on the altar of political opportunism for economic and political gain.

.. “why do the UN IPCC and certain US and world politicians continue to promote the man-made global warming hypothesis when the science and data prove it to be false?”

The legal definition of fraud is intent to deceive….

Guy K. Mitchell, Jr. is the author of a book titled Global Warming: The Great Deception — The Triumph of Dollars and Politics Over Science and Why You Should Care


Why do people always reference dead dinosaurs when discussing oil and other fossil fuels. How did dinosaurs turn into oil? [NY Post- 6]

Jacob Hall 3y  [QUORA-7] Unfortunately a large percentage of people in modern times are ignorant in the majority… and seemingly have absolutely no intention of ever changing that. Most people around 45 years old or younger were actually taught the truth back in school… but I guess most were not paying attention.

Originally the concept of “fossil fuels” was brought about by some misinformation from the 1700’s.

This term was apparently first used by German chemist Caspar Neumann in 1759. It was subsequently used in the early 1900s to give people the idea that petroleum, coal and natural gas come from “ancient living things”, as a way to promote them as a “natural substance” within the public’s consciousness of those times.

Even as recently as the 1970’s some oil companies still inaccurately referred to their products as “dead dinosaurs” (you really would think that these kinds of specialised companies would at least understand the product they are selling).

The term “fossil fuel” is just a misnomer that caught on and has continued to persist into modern times. But oil and natural gas do not actually come from “fossilized dinosaurs” (hence they are not actually “fossil fuels” at all).

Petroleum, natural gas and coal come from ancient pressurised and “cooked” BIOMASS, primarily from plankton and decaying marine organisms, and single-celled bacteria that evolved in the Earth’s oceans about three billion or so years ago.

Therefore, oil and gas are still “organic” BUT contain no actual “fossils”.

Coal on the other hand was mainly laid down during the Carboniferous period, about 300 million years ago (which was still a good 75 million or so years before the rise of the first dinosaurs). Coal was formed when the dense forests and jungles were buried beneath layers of sediment, and their unique fibrous chemical structure caused them to be ‘cooked’ intsolid coal rather than liquid oil.

I guess “Ancient Dead Biomass” Fuels just isn’t a “sexy” enough term to have ever caught on… and as a consequence inaccurate terms and concepts like “fossil fuels” continue to persist.

Is the oil we are burning today the corpses of dinosaurs?

No, virtually none of the oil we are burning today came from dead dinosaurs. This is a popular misconception, similar to the cartoons of cave men living among the dinosaurs. Neither is true, they are just memes that are propagated by people who are trying to be funny, or people who don’t know any better.

In reality, the vast majority of oil on earth today originated as marine plankton that lived in shallow seas. As the plankton died, it sank to the bottom and was buried in the mud under anaerobic conditions where it did not decay. Over time, the increasing sediment from above buried this organic mud deeper and deeper. [….regardless of where it is found, virtually none of the oil comes from dinosaurs, nearly all of it comes from marine plankton.


[Although it may seem contradictory, the cornerstone of the scientific method is the ability to falsify, not prove, a hypothesis.If there is no means to disprove a hypothesis, there is no means to verify its validity.

As Einstein famously stated, “no amount of experimentation can ever prove me right; a single experiment can prove me wrong.“] [American Thinker -9]

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The world’s poorest people contribute the least but suffer the most from the climate crisis. Climate change impacts people’s health, ability to access nutritious food, and livelihoods.

YET: the Hypocrisy of the Greenies jumps to the FRONT:

Sept 23 Global Citizen Festival destroys Great Lawn Central Park


Never Mind: The Carbon loons who justify their personal JETS with CARBON CREDITS ….A world controlled by the ELITES …. We are just along for the ride.

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