Prime Minister Netanyahu Vows To ‘Dismantle,’ ‘Obliterate’ Hamas As Troops Amass Along Border, Casualties Rise

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Sunday to “dismantle” and “obliterate” Hamas, according to official statements.

“Hamas thought that we would come apart – we will dismantle Hamas,” Netanyahu said at a Cabinet meeting expanded to include five opposition National Unity Party members, including their leader, Benny Gantz.

Netanyahu’s expanded national emergency government was sworn in Thursday at the Knesset, the unicameral legislature of Israel. During the ceremony, Netanyahu said, “The sword of David has been pulled from the scabbard and the bow of Jonathan will not go back. I am certain that from the ‘Swords of Iron’ war, we will emerge stronger than ever.”

Netanyahu met with Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers Saturday while touring the Kibbutz Be’eri and Kibbutz Kfar Aza communities in the Gaza Envelope, where Hamas massacred over 1,300 civilians beginning daybreak Oct. 7. Netanyahu also spoke with U.S. President Joe Biden for the fifth time since the massacre, as well as German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, French President Emmanuel Macron and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, expressing appreciation for their support.

Referring to the Oct. 7 attack as “that cursed Saturday,” Netanyahu said in a speech at the Kirya military base Friday, “We will obliterate Hamas, we will triumph. It might take time, but we will end this war stronger than ever.”

Earlier that day, Netanyahu spoke with the families of the bereaved and the missing civilians, according to The Times of Israel. He then met and commiserated with grieving families Sunday, per the outlet.

The IDF called for Gazans to move south, saying, “Israel is at war with Hamas, not the people of Gaza.” Hamas has allegedly been hampering the civilian evacuation efforts, according to an IDF report.

The World Health Organization warned Saturday that patients and medical personnel in northern Gaza faced a potential death sentence if evacuated to the burdened south. Newborns receiving life-saving care there were also at risk, amid an impending Israeli ground assault, Reuters reported.





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