CAUGHT: Kingsway Regional School District in New Jersey Transitioning Kids Behind Parent’s Back!

Thanks to the brave undercover work of our informants, OMG uncovered administrators within Kingsway Regional School District in New Jersey assisting in hiding social gender transitions of students from parents!

Watch our report:

Now, you may be wondering what “social transitioning” is.

It’s supporting a child to change the social norms associated with their gender. It’s the “He/Him She/Her” switcharoo – even allowing a student to change their name from, for instance, Kevin to Karen.

Typically, this is a decision by parents to support or oppose a child’s desire to socially change their gender.

But in Kingsway, New Jersey, school officials are SUPPORTING the social transitions of students BEHIND the backs of parents!

Administrators in Kingsway are even allowing students to switch bathrooms, letting little Kevin use the lady’s bathroom while being called “Karen”!

They even went so far as to create a tiered confidentiality process to hide social transitions from parents!

But Kingsway Regions School District didn’t get away with it . . . because OMG is EVERYWHERE!

Watch our report and please support our work by contributing to our mission of expanding undercover investigative journalism nationwide.

In Truth.


EDITORS NOTE: This O’Keefe Media Group exposé is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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