Elon Musk Pulls New York Times’ Verification Badge Following the Flood of Hamas Propaganda

NYT published false information on Israel-Gaza War.

Accountability is a concept left-wing media is utterly unfamiliar with.

There has been no pushback against New York Times’ propaganda for jihad and Jew haters for far too long.

Bravo, Elon!

Hamas Propaganda in the New York Times Should Come as No Surprise

The Gray Lady deems claims by Hamas fit to print — in contrast to facts from the Israel Defense Forces and the Pentagon.

By: David Efune, NY Sun, October 20, 2023:

Of all the global publications and broadcasters that botched their coverage of an explosion outside a hospital in Gaza this week, the New York Times is having the toughest time letting go of the narrative offered by the Hamas propaganda mill. It’s an affront to journalistic integrity in line with the Times tradition of running copy for history’s most tyrannical regimes.

Shortly after the blast was first reported on Tuesday, the Times published verbatim the Hamas claims that the hospital itself had been hit, that hundreds had been killed, and that an Israeli strike was to blame. Within hours the Israel Defense Forces released overwhelming evidence that none of these claims was true.

The trove of evidence included video and satellite footage and signals intelligence recordings. The hospital’s car park had been hit by an errant Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket. Perhaps a few dozen had been killed. The American defense community independently verified the IDF version of events. Photographs of the site were affirmative as well.

Some publishers issued corrections. There were half-hearted apologies and retractions, but not from the Times. On Thursday, as The New York Sun and the New York Post decried Hamas’s attempt to blame Israel as a “blood libel,” the headline on the front page of the Times declared, “Cause of blast remains disputed.”

You’d think that a paper with 1,700 journalists on staff would be able to distinguish fact from fiction in a case like this. Surely the Times has the editorial capacity to distinguish documentation issued by, in Israel and Washington, military authorities accountable to a Western democracy from the claims of an organization that, in Hamas, the British prime minister suggests has the credibility of the Kremlin.

No such luck. To close observers of the Times’s record covering history’s most evil characters, its attachment to Hamas will come as no surprise. This is documented in the 2021 book “The Gray Lady Winked,” by journalist Ashley Rindsberg. At the outbreak of the Second World War, the Times delivered a propaganda win for Germany that the Nazi brass could have only dreamed of.

It was in the edition of the Times with the main front-page headline, “German Army Attacks Poland.” The Times, in a page-three bulletin from Berlin, headlined “Border Clashes Increase,” quoted the Nazis.

“At 8 P.M., according to the semi-official news agency,” Mr. Rindsberg quotes the Times as reporting, “a group of Polish insurrectionists forced an entrance into the Gleiwitz radio station [in Germany], overpowering the watchmen and beating and generally mishandling the attendants. The Gleiwitz station was relaying a Breslau station’s program, which was broken off by the Poles.”

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