Biden’s Billions For Hamas

“The U.S. is working round the clock to resupply Hamas.”

Biden Asks Billions for Victims of Hamas Attack… To Be Sent to Hamas

By: Daniel Greenfield, Oct 21, 2023

“Biden’s Deputy National Security Advisor couldn’t explain how the US can prevent Hamas from taking control of the goods”

The Biden administration is widely broadcasting that it’s made a budget request of almost $106 billion for Israel and Ukraine. In reality, most of that, $61.4 billion, is going to Ukraine. There’s $14 billion to hire more border patrol officers, asylum processors and judges, $4 billion for foreign aid in the Pacific and an official figure of $14 billion for Israel, but in reality it’s smaller than that because the Biden administration has also rolled in embassy security costs across the Middle East into that package. The actual aid package for Israel is probably closer to $9 billion or so.

But that’s not the really troubling part.

The Biden request asks for $9.15 billion in “humanitarian assistance”. It phrases this as providing “life-saving humanitarian assistance and support for innocent civilians devastated by Putin’s unjust war in Ukraine, Hamas’ attack on Israel, and the numerous other natural and man-made crises around the world. This includes life-saving humanitarian assistance in Gaza and support for Palestinian refugees in the West Bank and surrounding areas.”

The incredible chutzpah here is that Biden is asking Congress to fund “life-saving humanitarian assistance and support for innocent civilians devastated by… Hamas’ attack on Israel” that’s not going to the actual Israeli orphans who have lost their families, but to “humanitarian assistance in Gaza and support for Palestinian refugees in the West Bank”.

That is to say a bunch of this money will be going to Hamas.

Biden is soliciting money for the victims of the “Hamas attack” that will go to Hamas.

If you think I’m exaggerating, the administration has already admitted it twice.

In 2021, State Department officials warned that “there is a high risk Hamas could potentially derive indirect, unintentional benefit from U.S. assistance to Gaza” and asked for a special exemption from sanctions on funding terrorists.

In the first days of October, Secretary of State Blinken overrode a hold by Senator Jim Risch on $75 million in funding for UNRWA, which is largely staffed by Hamas. Risch had imposed a hold along with other Republican senators, requiring that Blinken certify every 180 days that UNRWA meets accountability criteria because of its “long history of employing people connected to terrorist movements like Hamas” and “using its schools to store Hamas weapons.”

Here’s Deputy National Security Adviser Jon Finer explaining to CNN that nothing has changed.

We’re going to take the word of rapists and killers that they’re not going to misuse foreign aid.

As Caroline Glick notes at JNS,

When questioned by CNN, Biden’s Deputy National Security Advisor Jon Finer couldn’t explain how the United States can prevent Hamas from taking control of the goods entering Gaza.

Resupply of Hamas is an operational disaster for Israel.

Hamas’s military infrastructure is almost entirely located in a warren of underground tunnels. An estimated 40,000 terrorist fighters and Hamas’s military leadership are living and operating from within the tunnels. To defeat Hamas, Israel needs to fight those forces above ground, not below ground where their tactical advantage is decisive.

Biden has already promised $100 million in “humanitarian aid” to Gaza. What does the $9.15 billion package offer?

There’s $3.4 billion to assist refugees from Ukraine and “provide life-saving humanitarian assistance in Israel, and in areas impacted by the situation in Israel. These resources would support displaced and conflict affected civilians, including Palestinian refugees in Gaza and the West Bank, and to address potential needs of Gazans fleeing to neighboring countries.”

While an estimated 300,000 Israelis have been displaced by the war (you’ve heard about that in the media, right?) the emphasis here seems to be on the Arab Muslim “refugees”.

The war isn’t even in the West Bank, but they’re still preparing to spend money there anyway.

There’s $5.6 billion in “International Disaster Assistance” again for Ukraine and “life-saving humanitarian programming in Israel and areas impacted by the situation in the West Bank and Gaza” and beyond to “Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt.”

How much of that money will be spent in Gaza? Who knows. Whatever money is spent will benefit Hamas.

How literally? On Oct 4, a few days before the attacks, USAID was bragging that it was helping upgrade water and sanitation systems in Gaza. People noted that Hamas has openly bragged about repurposing pipes for rockets.

But Biden will help the “innocent civilians devastated by… Hamas’ attack on Israel” by sending money to Hamas.





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