California University Offers Extra Credit for Joining Death March Against the Jews

We must end these decaying, archaic, institutions of hate and ignorance. The left destroyed them. Its time to bring them down. They will be the death of this country.

Make no mistake, these are death marches. “Free Palestine” is a call for the end of the Jewish nation.

The American public is waking up to the threat places of “higher education” provides.

California university offers extra credit for marching against Israel

Controversy erupted when a teacher at UC Berkeley offered her students extra credit for participating in anti-Israel activities in support of terrorist-run Gaza.

By Mindy Rubenstein • World Israel News • October 26, 2023

The University of California Berkeley is under fire after the school approved an instructor’s plan to offer extra credit to students who participate in an anti-Israel march or watch an anti-Israel documentary.

Graduate student Victoria Huynh, who is pursuing her Ph.D. in the Department of Ethnic Studies at UC Berkeley, sent an email to students enrolled in her course, “Asian American Communities and Race Relations,” about the anti-Israel extra-credit options.

The email promoted an event called the “National walkout against genocide, settler-colonialism, and the siege of Gaza,” and informed students that they had the option to participate in the national student walkout or watch a short documentary on Palestine and contact their local California representatives.

This participation would count as either a field trip or an extra five points in the field trip category of their course grade.

After students posted a screenshot of the assignment on social media, the school faced heavy backlash, including with a diversity and inclusion organization that Huynh had previously worked for, Model Expand.

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