Release All Political Prisoners Prosecuted by Biden’s DOJ

I completely agree with the open letter to the Capitol Police written by Senior Chief Ross, U.S. Navy Retired below.

We have a 2-tiered justice system in the current federal Police State we are living in under the U.S. Department of IN-JUSTICE!

Those J6 protesters below sentenced to prison for over a year and having their lives ruined for same offense (interfering with official proceedings) as a Democrat Congressman who gets a $1000 fine and charges to be dismissed in 3 months. This is not only unfair but a total double standard and a travesty of injustice.

This is another example of the weaponized Obama 3/Biden regime using the politicized DOJ to overcharge people who disagree with them politically knowing those charged can’t compete in legal proceedings with the unlimited power of the Department of IN-JUSTICE and then hypocritically barely punishing a Democrat Congressperson for the same offense.

This kind of Double Standard of one system for Democrats, Marxists and those supporting Obama 3/Biden and another for those who oppose them and their socialist ideology must be curtailed.

Dear Capital Police, Washington DC

We are living in a Police State under construction led by the Biden Department of Justice and his Marxist pals.

Reference Communist Representative Jamaal Bowman, D-N.Y.

He pleads guilty to a misdemeanor charge for pulling a fire alarm in an attempt to stop and interfere with a vote in a congressional building on Capitol Hill thus interfering with official proceedings.

Result: $1,000 fine and charges to be dismissed in 3 months.

Now compare this to

  • Connie Meggs, 60, of Dunnellon, Florida, she was sentenced to 15 months in prison and 36 months of supervised release. She was convicted of conspiring to obstruct an official proceeding. Same as Jamaal Bowman.
  • Ethan Nordean, 32, of Auburn, Washington, was sentenced to 18 years in prison and 36 months of supervised release. He was found guilty of conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding. Same as Jamaal Bowman.
  • Leo Christopher Kelly, 37, of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, was sentenced to 30 months in prison, 36 months of supervised release, and ordered to pay $7,000. He was found guilty at trial of obstructing an official proceeding same as Jamaal Bowman.
  • William McCall Calhoun, Jr., 60, of Americus, Georgia, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for obstruction of an official proceeding, just like Jamaal Bowman. The DOJ said Calhoun was a practicing attorney in Georgia when sentenced.

The list is long I can continue –

The Communists running the DOJ protect those Marxists that support their police state agenda.

I look forward to seeing President Trump back in the White House in January 2025 where he will correct these miscarriages of Justice.

He will order the release of these and hundreds of others Biden’s political prisoners and then prosecute the Communists that inflicted this harsh punishments on their political opponents.


Senior Chief Ross
USN Retired
Pace, Florida

©2023. Royal A. Brown III. All rights reserved.

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  1. Royal Brown III
    Royal Brown III says:

    There is no doubt that we are currently living in a leftist Police state where the Obama 3/Biden regime is conducting above the law “lawfare” against those of us who are God, Country and Family loving conservatives.


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