SPECIAL EDITION — Tennessee Mayoral Candidate Gabrielle Hanson and Voter Fraud

Continuously since 2020, Americans have been told, “there was NO election fraud!”

Regardless of the hearings, submittals, testimony, and evidence made public, the political establishment combined from both political parties have worked overtime to squash even a scintilla of evidence and to ridicule, even character assassinate, those who came forward and dared to suggest our electoral process is less than honest, less than reliable. In a tremendous way, We The People have been subjected to a “selection process not an election process” in far too many locations. And yet, the ridicule and nay-sayers continue their litany of shameful denials proclaiming…“nothing to see here move on!”

What you are about to hear is a candid conversation by and between, former Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem, Franklin, Tennessee Mayoral candidate Gabrielle Hanson and me on this Special Edition of ARIZONA TODAY. What you are about to hear is startling. The testimony by this Mayoral candidate who days ago went through a stolen election is sobering and alarming.

The eye-witness accounts of alleged voter fraud, election tabulator severe interference and remote vote changing are what occurs in third-world dictatorial countries, and they are reported on this Special Edition as having occurred in Franklin, Tennessee just days ago.

On September 18, 1787, Maryland delegate to the Constitutional Convention, James McHenry (1753-1816) heard and then wrote in his records of the last day of the Constitutional convention: “A lady asked Dr. Benjamin Franklin Well Doctor what have we got a republic or a monarchy – a republic replied Benjamin Franklin if you can keep it.” The Lady was Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia. I firmly believe Dr. Franklin and ALL the Delegates to the Constitutional convention would be appalled and very angry at what has transpired the last two years in our electoral process.

The United States of America is teetering on the edge about to fall over and lose forever the gift given to us by our founders. We are about to lose the exceptional nation birthed and called a republic. I sincerely pray YOU reading this and then listening to the shocking conversation on this Special Edition of ARIZONA TODAY do something; shout, demand answers, hold elected officials accountable for explanations and investigations, demand a review of the electoral process in your community, county, state.

Do NOT simply sit and do nothing.

Our republic is hanging by a thread, and I am NOT being conspiratorial.

WATCH: Arizona Today SPECIAL EDITION — Mayoral Candidate Gabrielle Hanson

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