TERROR TV: NPR Is Supporting Hamas Terrorism @NPRpubliceditor

Why are we, the American taxpayer, forced to fund this terror outlet?

National Public Radio (NPR) has long been criticized for its biased coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Please write to NPR:

Firmly but courteously make the following points:

  • NPR has departed from its touted core principles. It is neither transparent nor fair to conceal the partisan affiliations of the guest and source who cast doubt on Israel’s version of events.
  • Hiding information about the independent foreign intelligence sources that concurred with Israel’s version of events is not the contextual truth. Nor is presenting Hamas statistics as fact without noting that based on history these statistics are not reliable and without noting that other assessments refute Hamas’ statistics.

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NPR Is Running Interference for the Hamas Terrorist Regime

By: CAMERA, November 2, 2023:

NPR is running interference for the Hamas terrorist regime, as we can see by its coverage of the deadly explosion near the Al-Ahli Hospital that took place on October 17 in northern Gaza.

Evidence for the cause of the blast pointed to a misfired Islamic Jihad rocket landing in the parking lot, but Hamas used the incident as a propaganda weapon against Israel, declaring through its health ministry that an Israeli airstrike had targeted a hospital filled with civilians who had come for treatment or were taking shelter there, killing many hundreds of Palestinians. Israeli spokesmen immediately denied involvement, arguing that the IDF does not target hospitals and did not fire in that area. They soon provided video footage, photos taken by drones, and intercepted Hamas communications to support their claims.

The Pentagon, National Security Council, Office of the Director of National Intelligence, Senate Intelligence Committee, as well as EU, Canadian and British Intelligence Services and individual munition experts independently uncovered and analyzed evidence that supported Israel’s assessment of the explosion.

Estimates of the number of lives lost in the incident also yielded a far lower number than Hamas claims. A U.S. intelligence report cited by Reuters estimated the death toll as “probably at the low end of the 100 to 300 spectrum” while AFP cited a senior European intelligence official who estimated the death toll as 10-50 people. Hamas never provided any evidence for any of its claims, and the entire event proved to be very damaging to its credibility, exposing its claims as cynical propaganda.

NPR reporters tried to minimize the damage to the terrorist group by refusing to accept Israel’s account of what had happened despite the mounting evidence supporting it. They presented the statistics provided by Hamas unquestioningly and the cause of the explosion as a dueling narrative, giving Israel’s evidenced account equal weight to the unverifiable proclamations of the Hamas terrorist regime.

Reporters frequently cast doubt on Israel’s version of events. For example, on the October 18 edition of All Things Considered,

NPR science reporter Geoff Brumfiel dismissed Israel’s evidence, saying: “The Israeli military has radar data and such. But, you know, they have a stake in saying what happened, controlling the narrative.” And others tried to discredit the support for Israel’s account voiced by the U.S. President, based on the Pentagon, insisting that “NPR cannot verify any of this.”

Instead of referring to additional assessments by international intelligence agencies that came in concurring with Israel’s claim, there was silence on the matter until October 23, when Brumfiel managed to come up with a guest presenting a new revelation that, while insufficient to completely refute Israel’s account, was meant to cast overall doubt on Israel’s version of events.

This new revelation, however, was not corroborated by any other legitimate source. It seems to have originated with a post on X (Twitter) announcing the results of a “joint investigation” by Forensic Architecture, Earshot NGO, and Al Haq, none of whom are impartial observers. It was then promoted by Iran’s Fars news agency, the propaganda arm of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Brumfiel did not disclose the origin of the claim, introducing it as legitimate evidence that cast Israel’s version of events into question. It was a way of keeping alive the notion that Israeli guilt had not yet been definitively ruled out. Nor did the reporter disclose the partisan affiliation of its sources, all of whom are notorious for their anti-Israel activism and/or affiliation with Palestinian terrorist groups, or that that his guest was a BDS activist.

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