Double Standard J6 Peaceful Protest vs Pro-Hamas Insurrection in D.C.

The Double Standard is alive and well among law enforcement in metropolitan D.C. when compare what happened to protestors on J6 where hundreds were arrested vs these pro-Hamas protestors where only one arrest was made.

White House security breach leads to zero arrests after rioters get special privileges

The Secret Service has reportedly made no arrests despite pro-Palestinian “protesters” vandalizing the White House’s gates over the weekend.

Only one person was arrested during the “insurrection”-like riot that beset the White House on Saturday, but that arrest was made by the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), according to Fox News.

“During the event, several minor incidents of property damage and vandalism were reported to police. One adult male was arrested for Destruction of Property in the 700 block of 17th Street, Northwest. In addition, MPD is currently investigating acts of vandalism that damaged the McPherson Square Metro Station and several police vehicles,” the MPD said in a statement.

As for the Secret Service, a spokesperson confirmed to Fox News that no arrests have been made. This despite all the damage done by the so-called “protesters.”

“Protesters could be seen vandalizing the White House fence and wrenching at the gate, and antisemitic graffiti was left on several buildings along the protesters’ path through the city,” Fox News notes.

Indeed, video and images posted to X showed the demonstrators spray-painting the White House gates red and defacing them with blood-red handprints as they came dangerously close to a breach in a scene reminiscent of the 2020 insurrection that was inspired by the death of Minneapolis criminal George Floyd.

Case in point:

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