Remembering the Fallen in the United Kingdom — November 2023

These are my views as a woman living in England, on how the culture and spirit of my country has changed over 50 years. Why the country does not feel protected or strong any more, how it has lost, and is losing it values and decency, and how we are daily losing our free speech.

WHEN SOME GREAT SORROW, like a mighty river,
Flows through your life with peace-destroying power,
And dearest things are swept from sight forever,
Say to your heart each trying hour:
” This, too, shall pass away. “

by Lanta Wilson Smith

 Remembering the Fallen has obviously been quite a battle for some people these last few years.

Despite the collective Remembrance Day Service which the UK holds on the 11th November every year to remember the service and sacrifice of those who defended our freedoms in world wars; it is now clearly evident that a collective forgetfulness and an ignorance towards history and present-day human suffering is taking place.

The few brief moments of silence on November 11th allotted to our most precious battle for God given liberties will most certainly not cut it any longer, for a population that has forgotten the spirit of evil which promised to destroy every man, woman and child.

Was peace really restored on Armistice Day, or do we really need a continuous stream of shock, horror and organized fear to remind us what evil is capable of.

What and Who was behind the evil that abused and divided people these last few years based on faulty science and lies?

Who and What is really behind the instigation of war and division and the abuse being directed towards the ordinary man and woman on the street; who at its heart should want to live in peace, rather than die in its horror?   What is the purpose of its agenda?

The UK, some of its citizens, and most especially its church leaders and governments, I believe, have betrayed the people who lost their lives. They have dishonoured those who believed they were fighting to protect our way of life. No poppy, no solemn silence or the laying of a wreath by them, can now cover the truth of the psychological war which is, and has been taking place on an individual and global basis these last few years, and even longer.  I believe since time began.  The silence, and the covering up of Truth perpetuated by leaders and the media, has been phenomenal.

Many people now know they have been lied to in every aspect, and that they are merely seen as pawns on the chessboard of life to serve another master which most certainly does not have humanities best interests at heart.   Evil can only pretend to care, whilst it indignantly and indiscriminately builds its own world of darkness, with humanity as its slave, building on the heartaches of all of our unresolves traumas.

The atrocities of war and the cruel and inhumane way people were treated in the holocaust have the same hallmarks of how mankind has travelled since.

The continual promotion of Abortion and Euthanasia (ethnic cleansing and eugenics).

The experimental Mutilation of the human body and its beauty

The Displacement of Natural identity

Gender confusion

Sexualisation of children

Trafficking of adults and children

The Experimental use of medicine

The Worshipping of money

The Poisoning of food, water and air

The instigation of 15-minute cities which will Imprison citizens into their very own box.

There is a continuous and endless list of Assaults on the human psyche worldwide.

All are psychologically designed to destroy ourselves.  All are designed to take you away from the innocence you were born with and away from a loving Creator.

How difficult has it been to point out these facts to others? And as we move along a steady conveyor belt from one trauma to another trauma, before we have any chance to recover, where will it all end?

Who is the author of this Destruction?

All for our own Health and Safety?

Whilst health and safety are an important aspect to life, our own health and safety is usually the term which is ceremoniously used to dilute, downgrade and displace the once stoic British spirit which stood for real courage, freedom and sensibility.  It is a mask that evil hides behind.

This week it was reported that the town of Barry, in Wales, was cancelling a Remembrance Parade due to an incident which previously happened in a previous year when a veteran sadly sustained a serious head injury in an accident.

ITV News Wales reported that “Barry Town Council was saddened to have to cancel the parade but have to prioritise the safety of the people attending Remembrance events.

In London, a pro-Palestine march is planned for hundreds of thousands of demonstrators who plan to march at the same time as the Festival of Remembrance which is being held at the Royal Albert Hall on 11th November.

Recently 11 people were arrested at one such event.

Just for one day they should respect this national event.

It is reported the Scotland Yard Commissioner told the London Assembly his police offices would ensure the security of the event and not allow any interference with a national moment of reflection and Remembrance at the Cenotaph.  It will not ban the pro-Palestine march just for that day.

At the same time, it is recorded The Community Security Trust (CST) has recorded at least 533 antisemitic incidents across the UK between 7 – 20 October representing an increase of 651 percent.  Four Jewish schools in Britain felt compelled to close. One school was vandalised.

Meanwhile, the Health and Safety of British citizens is being compromised by the hundreds and now thousands of migrants who daily cross the channel on boats to our shores.

Despite the visual facts from the public that the migrants mainly consist of young fighting age men who are now being housed in hotels across the country, and are being given money and free bus travel each week, the Refugee Council claims “the majority of men, women and children who cross the Channel do so because they are desperate to escape war, conflict and persecution”.

They are spearheading a campaign to create an asylum system in the UK to treat everybody with fairness and humanity, regardless of how they arrive on our shores.

One lone voice who has spoken out against what has been happening in the UK and around the world, is MP Andrew Bridgen.  You can listen to his hopeful message here:   There have been many voices throughout history conveying the same message to warn others.

The forces who want to separate us from our true free self, know how to use unresolved trauma and injustice in each and every one of us.   They purposefully do not allow recovery time from one assault to the other.  The fairness and humanity which is being offered to others is not being applied to the natural born citizens or the legal immigrants who live in the UK and respect its culture.  We have a population that now has unresolved anger bubbling up inside.  It is tangible. It can be worrisome for many people to walk the streets or drive along our highways.   Just how evil wants it.

The Remembrance service and parades of the weekend of the 11th and 12th November, are not to celebrate wars, but rather they are a time to remember those who have died in wars.

Remembering the Fallen, might be an invitation to not only be silent in remembrance of others, past and present, but to silently look inward to our own fallen selves.   An opportunity to see what it is that others use to trigger our resentment with the injustice that we see all around us and to see how we are being used again to fight each other.   A return back to the place where we all fell.


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