Illegal aliens chant ‘Biden, Biden, Biden’ as they approach U.S. border

This failure to secure our borders and safeguard our national sovereignty by ignoring our own immigration laws continues and must be stopped.

I’m overstating the obvious by saying the only way to do so is to re-elect Donald J. Trump as POTUS in 2024 as well as primary out all the establishment, elitist, do nothing RINOs still in Congress, replace them with true conservatives not beholden to big $ special interests and; obviously take back the Senate in the process.

Tall order but achievable if all registered Republicans and conservative Independents turn out to vote in 2024 and beat the inevitable steal in the process.

Wouldn’t hurt to get rid of Ronna McDaniels as leader of the RNC and her supporters who have lost most elections since 2018.

Hundreds of Illegal Aliens Chant ‘Biden! Biden! Biden!’ As They Approach the U.S. Border

Sarah Arnold, November 11, 2023

Thousands of illegal migrants are making their way to the open United States border as President Joe Biden continues to roll out the red carpet for their arrival.

The illegal aliens heading for the U.S. chanted, “Biden! Biden! Biden!” Because they know this is their opportunity to walk right into the country, no questions asked.

According to reports, the mass of illegal migrants is only 2,000 miles away from Arizona. They will arrive at the U.S. border within less than a week.

Biden has claimed he will implement “consequences for illegal entry.” However, that has yet to clearly deter migrants from entering the U.S., as numbers at the border are expected to rise again in the coming weeks.

Since Biden entered office, nearly 10 million migrants have crossed the U.S. border illegally, putting the lives of Americans at risk.

D.C. Democrats continue to neglect the nation’s border despite focusing on invasions of other countries. Biden repeatedly lies, claiming the southern border is closed, but videos and photos prove otherwise. In fact, one of the first things Biden did when he entered office was dismantle Trump-era policies that kept encounters at the border at ease.

Last week, I reported that a massive caravan carrying approximately 7,000 illegal aliens was heading toward the U.S.-Mexico border.

Since the Biden Administration took over, the president’s reckless policies have caused human trafficking to flourish and deadly drugs such as fentanyl to pour into the innocent lives of Americans as laws are being ignored.

Biden is responsible for the devastation the U.S. faces each day the border remains wide open.

“President Biden has done more to reopen the border to illegal immigrants and stimulate the human smuggling industry,” Chairman James Comer (R-KY) said.

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