The Biden Years At A Glance

A reader mcmast sent us an email titled Biden POTUS years at a glance. Here’s what mcmast wrote about Joseph Robinette Biden, Jr.’s time in office to date.

Hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan which gave our enemies $80 billion of USA weapons and killed several American soldiers.

Highest inflation in 40 years.  Inflation increased 20% more than wages under Biden after wages increased 6% more than inflation under Trump.

Highest interest rates in a generation to fix the Biden inflation.

Employment participation rate is still less than under Trump as all jobs under Biden have been to replace jobs that were lost during COVID.

Loss of USA energy/oil independence that was gained under Trump.

Record number of regulations/laws reversed by the courts including:  DACA.  Affirmative action for college entrance.  Gun rights.  Cancelling student debt. Ignoring immigration laws.

Anti-Semitic demonstrations.  The Squad.

Record amount of illegal immigrants entering the USA.

Highest % of federal debt vs GDP in the history of the USA, including WWII.

Highest % of USA workforce employed as government employees in the history of the USA.

DoJ and FBI used as political weapons which set a precedence for future presidents.

Lies about his knowledge and participation in his son’s businesses.

Lies about his son’s laptop.

Thousands of classified documents kept in several unsecured locations for more than 20 years that he stole as a Senator and as a VP.

WOKE military and education system.

Cocaine found in the family portion of the White House.  No perpetrators identified by the FBI despite hundreds of cameras all over the White House.

What has Biden done well?

He left the Trump tax reforms in place.

He left the Trump tariffs on products from China in place.

He left the Trump USMCA in place.

He continued Trump spending on military.

If you disagree with any of these items please leave a comment below.

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