The Gaza War • How Communist ‘Science’ Works • Argentina Registers a Win for Individual Liberty

First they come for your symbols.

Then they come for your landmarks.

Then they come for your artists and teachers.

Then they come for you, if they don’t already have you.

MSM has lied to us about pretty much everything for many years now. As a consequence, most people who are capable of waking up don’t trust the media at all. This is healthy. But always believing the opposite of what the media says is equally unhealthy as believing it. They do not simply lie about the facts. Media uses very advanced, originally Soviet invented and US intel improved disinformation techniques, many of which we have covered here at Vlad. For example with the war in Ukraine, the media did a sudden change of when history started as soon as the Russians went into the Donbas. Before that, numerous articles existed on how Ukraine was the most corrupt nation in Europe and how leaders of Ukraine grotesquely abused the people of the Donbas region. Then when Russia invaded, all history of the region suddenly began on that date. Russia could not be allowed to have a Casus Belli, even if it was one we would not accept as permissible. It had to be a black-hat Vs. White-hat scenario.

Bush did the same thing with Iraq. As I remember the time-line from personal experience, and as history is now under the full control of Winston Smith I have to rely on memory while we are allowed to have one, Kuwait was diagonally drilling under the Iraqi border and stealing their in-ground oil. (This was so well known at the time, The Simpsons even did a parody of this in one of their episodes where oil was discovered under the public school and the evil Mr. Burns drilled under the school to steal it.) Then Iraqi leader, Sadam Hussain, asked the US ambassador to Iraq, at the time it was a woman, if it was OK for Iraq to stage a limited invasion of Kuwait to take back control of their oil fields. I remember the US Ambassador to Iraq on TV at the time looking bewildered after the war started explaining clearly that she had asked the white house directly and the US gave permission for that invasion.

The next thing you know, babies were being thrown from incubators because as we all know, the first thing an invading army does, is go into your neonatal wards and steal incubators. Much more important than say, attacking military targets or even sacking national treasuries.

After that, no one should have trusted the US government. Since then of course we have a cornucopia of lies designed to manipulate us, and rarely for our own good, even if that is an excuse. From the Religion of Peace, to safe and effective, to Transwomen are women, and more than I care to try and remember at the moment, increasingly we are fed pseudo-realities to justify actions we would not accept if they didn’t force these narratives and rubrics on us. I for one, am still working on making my apartment Y2K compliant.

All this to say I don’t blame people who do not accept the MSM version in general about events in Israel and Gaza since October 6th. In fact I want to send a letter to CNN saying: “GET OFF MY SIDE!”.

But there are a few basics which at least I can be confident about.

There had been a cease fire declared by Hamas and its supporters before the attack to put the Israelis off guard. This is consistent with the Islamic doctrinal Treaty of Hudaybiyyah, where Mohammad made a peace deal when he was losing a war, not to attack his enemy for 10 years, then after rearming he attacked them in 2 years and won. In other words, peace deals in Islam are a tactic of war, and not meaningful as one would hope based on the language used. Much like the left actually. So Hamas attacked under a cease fire. This is largely how they managed to inflict so much damage.

There were atrocities committed, and many civilians were taken hostage. I know this because I know people whos’ family and friends were taken as hostages. Some killed, some may still be held hostage.

We can know that Hamas broke pretty much every aspect of the Geneva Convention, which even by that same convention means that Israel is not bound by the rules. In other words, if Hamas places and fires weapons from civilian areas, Israel is not constrained to destroy those targets by the convention, if it was, no one ever would have signed it, as it would be a manual of how to win a war by cruelty and not a manual for conflict resolution through reasonable use of force. The videos released of hostages in and under hospitals, (can I say here that these hospitals look cleaner and better in some ways than the ones in Ottawa? certainly fewer people in the waiting rooms.) are real. And some of the more grotesque videos taken from body cams of the Hamas attackers have been viewed by people like Douglass Murray, who were more than content that what they saw was real, and confirms what the claims are of the Israeli government. All this to preface more footage from Israel showing Hamas’ use of hospitals and other ‘illegal’ areas for military or terroristic purposes.

Israel reveals CCTV footage showing Hamas terrorists hauling bloodied hostages into Gaza’s al-Shifa hospital on October 7 – as IDF troops ‘discover 180-foot tunnel under medical centre’

Uncovered CCTV footage appears to show victims abducted by Hamas during the October 7 massacre being hauled into Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City.

The surveillance footage shows bloodied victims – believed to be Thai and Nepali migrants taken hostage by the terrorists – being carried into the hospital on gurneys. They appear to have been severely injured by Hamas fighters.

The video, which was released by Israel‘s Defence Forces (IDF) on Sunday, was captured at Al-Shifa hospital the day that Hamas launched its attack on Israel.

By now its common knowledge that an anti-leftist won the federal election in Argentina. This is amazing news. I believe it is the same person that Tucker Carlson interviewed not that long ago this fall.

Some articles on that:

Western Journal:

Libertarian Trump Fan Wins Stunning Victory in Argentina’s Presidential Election

What many deemed impossible just months ago is reality: Libertarian populist Javier Milei resoundingly won Argentina’s presidency.

And with his victory Sunday night, the fiery freshman lawmaker has given Argentinians hope of major changes following a campaign that saw him revving a chainsaw to symbolically cut the federal bureaucracy down to size.

With almost all votes tallied, Milei handily beat Economy Minister Sergio Massa, 55.7 percent to 44.3 percent. Milei won all but three of the nation’s 24 provinces, and Massa had conceded even before the electoral authority began announcing preliminary results.

Zero Hedge:

Javier Milei, the outsider libertarian candidate with radical solutions to Argentina’s economic crisis, has just won Sunday’s presidential runoff against Economy Minister Sergio Massa. In a surprise outcome, Massa conceded in a speech to supporters in Buenos Aires on Sunday even before the official results were released, saying he called Milei to congratulate him on his victory.

We expect to have a translation of his acceptance speech later today.

Meanwhile, here is a pretty awesome interview with him here. Maybe it is time we got a little more blunt with the enemies of liberty.

ModeRNA admits the vaxx causes/can lead to cancer. Also the DNA contaminant in the VAXX contains an antibiotic resistance gene.

Some pretty significant propaganda efforts, destruction of privacy for political purposes and UN plans to attack your appliances?

Thank you all for your kind attention to this site and its efforts.

This man may represent the essence of Communist ‘scientism’. The reframing of actual evidence based reasoning into a communist system of conclusion based reasoning, which resulted in something like 100,000,000 deaths in the 20th century.

EDITORS NOTE: This Vlad Tepes Blog column posted by Eeyore is republished with permission. ©All rights reserved.

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