The RNC is Suffering Financially—Good—Send Your Donations to Save America JFC

The Republican Party is slowly succumbing to its insane tolerance of its liberal left wing membership base other wise known as Republicans In Name Only (RINOs)

They are in large numbers like termites eating away at our Republic working in unison with the Communist Democrats.

They were magnificently exposed by Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) when Congressman Gaetz decimated and fired the do nothing RINO Socialist Speaker Of The House Kevin McCarthy (RINO-CA)

Republicans control the purse strings of the Treasury Department and yet they are still unable to put a budget together for the American People.

This is pure weakness and displays a lack of sound leadership. They continue the Nancy Pelosi spend and print more money death spiral of continuing resolutions.

The financial consequences of the RNC and the Republican Party weakness are its inactions and its abstract failure to take action against its Republican In Name Only members thus resulting in lost financial support by the big dollar conservative donors like me and others.

The GOP financial coffers are dropping significantly monthly like the Venezuelan Bolivar creating trepidation for its party members. As it should.

Will this affect President Trumps Presidential run?

No, not at all, he can fund his own campaign without the need of the Republican RINO donor base.

But unfortunately Trump still has to put up with disloyal ungrateful Republicans like Governor Ron DeSantis who are just self serving pawns of the failed Bush dynasty that Trump successfully ended.

The Republican National Committee (RNC) has released its current on hand budget and it disclosed that it had $9.1 million in cash on hand as of Oct. 30. This is a pitiful number.

This is the lowest amount of cash on hand for the RNC in any Federal Election Commission report since February 2015.

Now, when Trump was running things from the White House and running for President in 2016 the RNC declared $20 million at the same point in the 2016 election cycle and about $61 million four years ago.

This was because the RNC used Trumps brand name to raise money which angered Trump and rightly so. The RNC response was thus to Trumps Attorney –

The Republican National Committee is defending its right to use former President Donald Trump’s name in fundraising appeals.

This after Trump demanded they put an end to the practice.

The RNC used Trumps hard work and established brand name for self gain yet they are still non productive and disloyal which Trump will not tolerate when he is back in the White House in January 2025.

Now the Republican Party is feeling the pain of its self inflicted losses and it’s failure to lead while they control the Congress. We need less talk and more definitive action.

In my opinion the Republican Executive Committees (RECs) should be endorsing Trump like the Lake County REC in Florida. But no — they are a lost cause with independent conservative party affiliations leading the way.

Don’t be surprised after Trump wins the GOP nomination for President in January 2024 after the California primary.

Watch out, these weak disloyal RINO Republicans who talk badly about him now behind his back will suddenly start being nice, like a cat who ignored you all day but then starts rubbing your leg when you open the can of cat food.

These weak Republicans will suddenly start kissing Trumps rear end and will try to use him again for RNC fund raising.

Don’t fall for it ladies and gentlemen.

If you are a U.S. citizen 18 years or older and want to send Trump a campaign donation mail your personal check made payable to “Trump Save America JFC” and cut out the do nothing, ineffective, disloyal RNC.


Trump Save America JFC
P.O. Box 13570
Arlington, VA 22219.

©2023. Geoff Ross. All rights reserved.

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